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I love fragrances. I think that is half the fun when it come to making personal care items. I love the delight that comes across people’s faces when they open a bottle and take a big sniff. Watching people react to different fragrances is a big thrill for me. From […]

Ginger Pomelo Roll on Perfume

There are always events that may make a ripple in the world news but are huge when it comes to the location it occurs. Today was one such thing for us. Today Orbital ATK tested the largest and most powerful rocket booster today at Promontory Point in Utah. It is […]

Rocket Booster Testing

I love vacations but I don’t always have the ability to just pick up and go. So I like to bring a vacation to me. Sometimes I do it by choosing a new scent for my lotion or I make bath salts so I can sit in the evening and […]

Tropical Illusion Lip Balm

I love lip products. Lip balms, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip stains, etc. You name it, I have and love it. One thing that makes for some difficulties is that no lip product is  alike. Some are thick and heavy, some are light, others are long lasting while yet others […]

Tantalizing Tangerine Lip Gloss

I’m excited for March! I’m starting to plan my garden. (Even though it is snowing here in Utah right now!) We’ve designed this monthly calendar that you can print for your desk or workspace. Print out a copy (or two) so you know what holidays are around the corner! Remember! […]

March 2015 Calendar