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We have a new product in our catalog! I always get so excited when we get to unveil a new product. Today we are releasing our new Pink Chiffon Fragrance Oil! Let me tell you all about this delightful new fragrance oil! It is a soft, clean, floral scent with enough of a twist of fruit to make it slightly spunky. 

Allow me show you what I see when I smell this fragrance oil. Imagine a sitting at a pond where water lilies sit on the surface while jasmine and apple blossoms bloom behind you. Fresh cut red pear and white peach are beautifully arranged on a platter while soft amber and musk waft gently through the air. This is Pink Chiffon. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

I think Pink Chiffon is a wonderful take on a modern ladies fragrance. Add some lady-like sophistication and little-girl flounce to your collection of body products! You will be glad you did! For those of you who are soap makers, not to fear! Pink Chiffon has little to no discoloration. The sky is the limit when using any color you desire and Pink Chiffon. What will you make using the new Pink Chiffon Fragrance Oil?



Pink Chiffon Scented Soap

Pink Chiffon Scented Soap

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