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Wow! If I had waited much longer it would not be Tuesday! This last week has been very weird. I spent a few days in Tacoma Washington and really put in my head that there is no snow on the ground and spring is coming. Well, I got home and promptly went straight to bed with a cold that turned to pneumonia. Well, when I woke up from my ill slumber the world was white! I wondered where spring went and why everything was covered in snow. Well, it actually never melted here in northern Utah. I guess I just imagined the warm and sunny days.

Our crew is happily planning our company garden and the tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn and other garden goodies that grow in our side acre. We are planning for harvest this year, unlike two summers ago when the nearby cattle found that pushing the fence down to devour our garden was the best day of the week. Are you ready for spring? Have you seen any little hints of the new season in your area? Crocus? Birds? Green tips on trees? Have you started your garden seedlings?

I’m sending Raspberry Quince and Peach Oolong Tea as my primary teas this week. If you would like tea on this fine Tea Tuesday, along with a spring-themed hand-written note from me, then please submit your name through our Contact Us link. You should give me your name, address, desired tea to receive and a fine comment about spring coming our way. I’ll get the notes out the door with some wild postage and send the smiles to you.

Please note, I will only send tea to existing MMS customers. Thank you for being honest. This *free* offer gets put on relays and various scammer blogs and I get a ton of messages.

Second, go to our Contact Us page and choose the Community Pursuits radio button.

It isn’t hard to do and I am sure a few of our regular Tea Tuesday pen pals will pop in here to tell everyone how much fun it is to get fan mail. 😉


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8 thoughts on “Tea Tuesday!

  • Kinky Witch

    Tea Tuesday is so easy and so much fun! I miss it when it’s not going on but really look forward to it when it is.

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  • Karen Harvey

    Hi Tina, I would love a note from you. I did the last Tea Tuesday and how wonderful to get a real handwritten note. Unusual in this day and age. Here in Alaska, near Denali (Mt McKinley for those outside) it’s still very snowy. BUT, our days are getting longer! My potatoes in storage are beginning to get tiny sprouts. They know summer is coming. Our horses (Icelandics) are starting to shed. A sure sign of lengthening days and spring approaching.

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  • Kathy R

    Hi Tina,

    I was just at your contact page, typed all the pertinent info, hit Submit…and got “This page cannot be displayed” error msg. I hit “back” and my stuff was still there so I hit Submit again, same thing happened. Maybe this was a busy time for your server, not sure.

    I’ll try again in awhile!
    Kathy R

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      • Kathy R

        Ooooh, cancel your programmer!! Turns out it was on my side – not yours! Cable guy came out and said it was “noise” in my phone line, which affected my internet connection…huh? sheesh!

        Sorry Tina, I thought it was just slow internet, or a busy time of day.


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