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I walk everywhere I can here in Beijing. My feet have slowly adjusted to the walking, but they still can ache after walking on the concrete. I’ve come to enjoy the evening foot massage that I give myself. The menthol crystals give the cream a light tingle and cooling effect […]

Doubly Minty Foot Cream

I think that Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil is very pretty and I found myself wanting to make a lotion with a small amount of this oil. The coloring of this lotion is very fun and the good news is that it won’t stain your skin! (I tried and it didn’t […]

Sea Buckthorn Oil in Lotion

*Note* I apologize for recipe errors yesterday! I have fixed that little problem and I have to admit that I must have been missing some brain cells when I released it! 🙂 Sometimes an intensive cuticle treatment is nice, but I need a little pampering during the day when I […]

Simple Cuticle Oil

I’m one of those people that needs a good moisturizer during the winter or my hands dry out, crack and run the risk of bleeding. This even includes my poor cuticles! I have had the worst case of hangnails recently, so I decided to come up with a formula for […]

Cuticle Treatment Cream

Just as my impending exams attempted to steamroller right over me, I found myself in great need of a small moment of personal time. I mean, really what girl should do without some soothing and much-needed pampering? Especially considering I had to do without my traditional holiday break this year. […]

Lavandin Body Lotion

Now that I am living in China, I have to go shopping for food, cleaners and the other necessary things in order to live here comfortably. Some products I have needed to ponder over the characters to understand what it is and yet I recognize other brands from the USA. […]

Brand Recognition

Yippee! It is the first Friday of 2013! While it hasn’t been a complete week, I have already enjoyed the way this year has started for me. Have you had a good beginning to the year? I hope you have! This week, I am giving away a 1 fl oz […]

Freebie Friday!