Benefits of Using an IQ Air HealthPro Plus – Photo Essay 1

I’ve had a few questions about the IQ Air HealthPro Plus and its efficiency. I enjoy having one around to help with my own allergies and I thought I would share some pictures of the PF40 Coarse Dust Filter right after installation and after 2 months of constant use.

A clean coarse dust filter right after installation.

A dirty coarse dust filter after 2 months in operation.

The dirty coarse dust filter after the metal frame has been removed.

Yuck! Can you believe all of that had been in the air? It is no wonder why I’ll happily sit next to one of these filters after seeing what gunk it pulls out of the air! If you have not seen a video of how clean the air exiting the air purifier has become, check it out! It is amazing!

What do you think of this coarse dust filter on the IQ Air HealthPro Plus?

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Benefits of Using an IQ Air HealthPro Plus - Photo Essay, 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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One thought on “Benefits of Using an IQ Air HealthPro Plus – Photo Essay

  • Barb Murphy

    That is pretty impressive alright! Way out of my price range though, plus the fact I live in an apartment.

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