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During our class we had the opportunity to demo the conveniences of using the Body Butter Base. This Body Butter is one of my favorites to use because it goes on easy and helps moisturize my hands and feet. A little goes a long way so I like to put this in the 1 oz or 2 oz jars, then I’m able to take one along with me everywhere. I have one in my purse and one in the car, and of course one on my desk, and my coworker’s desk!

We began our class time by smelling several fragrances. Then, after deciding on a couple of our own favorite scents, we then we added about 1/2 ml of fragrance to each 2 oz of body butter and placed the whole into a plastic bag. We like to use the bags because it is easy to use and there is less clean up. Some of the students added color and some preferred to go all natural. After kneading the bag to mix the fragrance and color throughout the Body Butter we then cut the corner of the bag and piped the Body Butter into our containers, then added a lid and labeled.

Wow! That’s it! This was super easy and fast! Our bases are great gift making ideas because it takes little effort to make some fabulous gifts for everyone you know.


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3 thoughts on “Using the Body Butter Base

  • Barb Muprhy

    Wow! Using a plastic bag to knead the ingredients together is genius. It would especially alleviate the mess of filling the jars. I have always spooned my mixture into the jars with plops running down the sides of the jar…..lots of waste. I can’t wait to fill my jars using this method, like piping frosting on a cake! Thanks, Barb

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  • Renee

    Your Body Butter is just wonderful! LOVE IT! When making small batches it is so much easier to use either a plastic bag or a piping bag. : )

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  • Dana

    Love the Body Butter and I always use the plastic bag to fill jars, so easy that way. The class looks like you had a lot of fun.

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