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Finished Salve

With the insane heat and dryness we have had lately, my feet are in need of some intense foot care. I wanted to make a similar recipe that has been a favorite both with MMS staff, friends and customers. Come join me for a wonderful solution to dry skin. I promise you won’t want to miss out!

One of the star ingredients in this butter is lanolin. Lanolin creates a stronger barrier that protects the skin and keeps it moisturized. This is really important when trying to combat dry skin.

Weighing Lanolin

Another ingredient I would like to discuss is Liquid Glycerin. Liquid Glycerin is everything in this recipe. Liquid Glycerin is a humectant which means it draws moisture to the skin. Perfect for trying to combat low humidity and hot temperatures.

Weighing Oils

The last ingredient I wanted to touch on today it the Helichrysum Essential Oil. Helichrysum Essential Oil has traditionally been used to soothe burns and raw chapped skin. It has also been used as a fungicide and anti-inflamitory product. Helichrysum Essential Oil is also reputed to accelerate healing and skin regeneration. I also chose Helichrysum Essential Oil because of the clean herbaceous odor. I thought it would pair beautifully with the scent of the lanolin.

I often use this product at night. I will apply the salve to my feet and then cover with socks. Try it. You will be astonished at the difference you discover in the morning!

Shea Butter, Refined
Golden Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E Acetate
Liquid Glycerin
Emulsifying Wax
Helichrysum Essential Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
95 grams Lanolin
47.5 grams Shea Butter, Refined
27 grams Golden Jojoba Oil
4.5 grams Vitamin E Acetate
43 grams Liquid Glycerin
4.5 grams Emulsifying Wax
2.2 grams Optiphen
2.2 grams Helichrysum Essential Oil
Recipe in Ounces
3.36 ounces Lanolin
1.68 ounces Shea Butter, Refined
0.96 ounces Golden Jojoba Oil
0.16 ounces Vitamin E Acetate
1.52 ounces Liquid Glycerin
0.16 ounces Emulsifying Wax
0.08 ounces Optiphen
0.08 ounces Helichrysum Essential Oil
Recipe in Percentages
42% Lanolin
21% Shea Butter, Refined
12% Golden Jojoba Oil
2% Vitamin E Acetate
19% Liquid Glycerin
2% Emulsifying Wax
1% Optiphen
1% Helichrysum Essential Oil

Weighing Glycerin

Weigh all of the ingredients except for the Optiphen, Vitamin E Acetate and Helichrysum Essential Oil. Heat gently until everything is melted. Don’t overheat it! You don’t want the glycerin to burn! Stir the mixture thoroughly. I discover that my glycerin hadn’t emulsified into the mixture while I used a spoon. I ended up pulling out my immersion blender. I mixed for about two minutes spread intermittently over five minutes. Make sure the glycerin is completely mixed in, but remember that you don’t want a whipped airy product. Once the mixture has cooled below 170° F, add the Helichrysum, Optiphen and Vitamin E Acetate. Pour into jars. Label and enjoy!

Melted Ingredients

Note: This mixture can be difficult to use in a bottle. I find a jar is easier but it can be messy. I notice it tends to be more fluid the warmer it is. If you choose a bottle for this product, keep in mind you will have to heat the product to get it out. I find a wide mouth jar is easier and tends to be less likely to get everywhere.


Getting Ready to Mix Salve
The glycerin wasn’t mixing so I blended it right in.

You can see air bubbles but everything is mixed properly.

Mixing Salve

Adding Optiphen, Vitamin E Acetate and Helichrysum

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13 thoughts on “Intense Lanolin Foot Salve

  • Carmen

    Oh, this looks awesome! That is a great tip about applying then wearing socks. This is much cheaper than a pedicure. Thanks for the tip!

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    • Andee

      This recipe exceeds the amount of oil recommended in a lotion when using Liquid Germall Plus. LGP has a limit
      of 25% oil when talking with the technicians that work with this product daily.

      While there is not any water, there are water soluble ingredients.

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  • Carol

    Exactly the thing I was looking for. I will be trying this quite soon. Thanks. Um, did you know that your grams column isn’t all in grams? Just letting you know. I like to work in grams when using such small amounts. 🙂

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes cast)
  • Neal

    Great product. I’ve made a similar intense foot salve with Cellini wax to ensure moisture retention. Will try this formulation soon.

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  • emily j martin

    My heals are sooo in need of this! I don’t have Helichrysum EO any suggestions on substitutions?

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  • Julie Steimel

    I need to try this for my scaly dragon heels! I had better get an order together pronto!

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  • Cece Stricklin

    Looks like another interesting recipe to try for dry heels. thanks for posting this.

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    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  • Carol

    LOL, I see that you still hadn’t fixed that little problem with the grams yet. I made this, it was great. Well technically I had a little accident with the glycerin and it was way over, but I still loved it. I plan on making it again but without the extra glycerin. 😀

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