Freebie Friday

TGIF! We have not one but two fabulous giveaways this week. Our winners are Leslie and Jen. Leslie is getting a Republic of Tea Citizen’s Travel Press (this is a miniature French Press good for 1 cup of tea), a 1 oz bottle of our new Creamy Chai Tea Fragrance Oil, and a 10 pack of our new Rectangle Slider Tins. Jen is getting a Republic of Tea Ceramic Mug with Lid (this is a beautifully painted mug to fill with your tea of coffee), a 1 oz bottle of our new Summer Melon Fragrance Oil, and a 10 pack of our new Lip Brush Pens w/Doe Foot Tip. 

Wondering how to get into the drawing to win Freebie Friday items? Read our blogs and leave a comment every week. The drawing starts over every Friday and we pick from the pool of people that have left comments for the week.

I want to remind everyone that we are still giving away a free 1 oz bottle of Pomegranate Flavor Oil on your next order with a subtotal of $50 or more. All you have to do is request this in the comments section of your order. I have quite a few left so don’t be afraid to ask for this!

Also, a reminder that Andee, Taylor, and myself are still offering our readers a chance to be a guest blogger for a day. You can submit any recipe you have created or made from the blog. Tell us about your experience and send in your photos. We will feature you on the blog and each guest blogger will get their own treasure box.

Now for a bit of news. In case you didn’t know, both Taylor and Andee are leaving for China again this Sunday. They will be staying there for approximately 1 year this time! They will continue to blog and will have new inspiration from their new surroundings in China. This would be a great opportunity to leave a comment wishing them well and also getting into the next Freebie Friday drawing!

Well I hope you all have fun plans this weekend! I will be glad to just have a quiet weekend with the family. Happy Friday!


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0 thoughts on “Freebie Friday

  • Brynne

    Wow! Great things are going on at Majestic Mountain Sage! I hope Taylor and Andee have a blast in China! I can wait to read their recipes they cook up! Thank y’all for all of the wonderful ideas you share with us!

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  • Carmen

    How exciting–the China trip! I wonder if you will get any new inspiration for products or packaging on your trip? I can’t wait to see your thoughts and ideas upon your return! Best wishes to the bloggers in your absence; I know they will receive much love from the community here. 🙂

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  • Linda

    What a great way to spend a year!! Just think of all the wonderful sites they will get to see and expierence. Hope you come back with lots of great new inspirations for the MMS team!!

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  • Emily J Martin

    I can hardly wait to see all the new recipes with a chinese influence 🙂 Best wishes and safe travel, Em

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  • jen

    holy cow, that was me you were awarding! I thought for sure that was some other Jen. 🙂 I am so glad you’re posting recipes for the lip pens…I can’t wait to get in the lab and try them out. And that summer melon! I had to move the bottle away from me because I was fighting a desire to lick the bottle (I don’t know, something about the scent of cantaloupe and vanilla). I have no idea what the flash point is, but I can’t wait to try that in some soap. Thank you for the unexpected generosity…TOO cool.

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