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Remember the Sea Glass Inspired Soap Challenge? Friday was the deadline for entries to be submitted and today I’ll start sharing the entries for this challenge.

Today’s guest post is from Judy. She had a perspective on sea glass soap that I hadn’t considered and I found myself loving her soap for the difference. I hope you enjoy her soap as much as I do.

Judy's Sea Glass soap.

I was really inspired by this challenge. I love sea glass and my “go to” necklace I wear nearly every day is made with it. I had recently done some experimental bars to test out some new micas and this was a perfect application for them.

First I used a cheese planer (my grandmother’s!) to cut strips to make the glass embeds. I also chopped up some purplish/mauve soap to make little pebbles. And I added some poppy seeds to represent sand:

Cutting the soap to make sea glass shaped embeds.

My sea glass shaped soaps, soap pebbles and poppy seeds.

I made my soap batter and divided it into two parts. About 70% I colored with black oxide and titanium dioxide to represent the beaches and the sand. The remainder I colored with blue and green micas and a titanium dioxide swirl to represent the surf. I worked at pretty thick trace to keep everything suspended. Here it is in the mold. I textured the top to look like waves:

Soap in the mold.

And here are some pictures of it unmolded. I wanted just a few pieces to show in each bar as sea glass is not too common. As the soap is used, more glass will be revealed.

Finished soap.

Another view of the finished soap.

The soap was scented with an EO blend of rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus radiata and cedar. I tried for an ocean/water type scent. I like the blend.



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