Sea Glass Inspired Soap Challenge 4

Recently, I was in San Francisco with my husband for a brief trip while we spent a few days sightseeing with his parents before they headed home. Our first day there, we visited several beaches while on our way to Half Moon Bay. Since I’m an inland girl by birth, I had to pull over so we could wander the beaches. As we wandered, I realized that not everything I was stepping on was rocks and sand. Looking closely at the rocks, I saw a little piece of sea glass.

To give you a brief rundown, sea glass is glass that is physically and chemically weathered by oceans, seas or even rivers of both fresh and salt water varieties. This weathering process of tumbling, hydration and movement causes the smooth shapes and frosty appearance of sea glass. Sea glass is frequently collected for display or jewelry. You can find more information from the North American Sea Glass Association and their article about Genuine vs. Artificial sea glass. I learned a lot from NASGA just while writing this post, so take your time to learn something new!

Now that I’ve explained sea glass to you, I want to show you the small collection of sea glass that I found while out on the beaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. After we got back to Utah, I was showing off my collection of sea glass to my family and it was mentioned, “Wouldn’t that make a cool soap?” Indeed it would! I would like to challenge you, our readers, to make your own sea glass inspired soaps and then send in pictures with instructions so we can make soap just like you. Ready?

Join me in making a drum roll for the challenge rules please!

Challenge Rules:

  1. Send us a picture of your finished soap.
  2. Send us the instructions on how to make your soap. More pictures are great! If you would rather not share your technique, you can just send in your pictures.
  3. You can use any soap making method you desire: Melt & Pour, Cold Process, Hot Process and more
  4. The challenge ends on Friday, May 18th. That gives you two weeks to make and share your soaps.
  5. All participants in the challenge will get a special box sent their way with a sample of one of our newest oils! If you can’t remember what the oils are, here is a list: Peach Kernel Oil, Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, Black Cumin Oil, or Black Currant Oil. How cool is that?

Let’s get soaping!

Finding sea glass on the beach.

Sea glass that I collected in the San Francisco Bay area.

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