Bridal Wishes Swap 2

As a little girl, I remember hovering over my mother whenever she got mail. I loved looking at the pictures on the cards or helping her unpack orders. Sometimes, I would get my own packages from my great grandmother. She would always send enormous bags of newspaper clippings, articles, books, faux postage and even the occasional AARP pamphlet. (Who knows what I would do with an AARP pamphlet at the age of eight but Grandma always sent things she thought might be important now or twenty, thirty or even fifty years down the road. That is how we knew she loved us very, very much.) I loved sorting through those enormous bags admiring the faux postage, reading the clipped newspaper comics, drawing in the activity books and learning about safety from McGruff the Dog. Sometimes, sorting through all of that paper could take a cumulative total of 3+ hours. That is a long time but a lot of fun!

This is a bit like a swap to me. There isn’t nearly as much paper, but you get play in a way that few adults get to do anymore. It is like when a little girl gets a giant makeup set. She has to try every color right now! She also feels a great desire to apply it to Mom, Grandma, Auntie, Sister, Baby Brother and even Dad! (When you get a swap box in the mail, it is a good idea to tell your significant other that they are cooking dinner tonight. 😉 ) A swap is a true treat and delight to open and go through.

The next swap I am hosting is actually divided into two sub-swaps. The overall theme is Bridal Wishes, both to and from the bride. One swap will be Wedding Favors. The Wedding Favors Swap is smaller in size. All of the items that you will ship out must fit into a small flat rate priority mail box that ships for $5.35. The other swap will be Bridal Gifts. These are “gifts” for the bride. This swap targets the medium flat rate box. The “gifts” don’t need to be full size, just represent full size with all the ribbons, bows, tags and whatnots.

These swaps will be a lot of fun for participants. These are great sources of inspiration for bridal gifts, wedding favors and even bridal shower favors. As an added plus, you even get the recipes for all of the items in the swap. How cool is that? To join, go to and register. It takes 24 hours to be approved and then you can request to join one or both swaps. I hope to see you there! It will be unforgettable!


Official Details!


The theme for this swap is Bridal Wishes. This swap will be a swap all about brides, wedding favors and bridal showers. In this swap you can make items that could be given away as favors for the wedding or bridal shower, or things that a bride needs to relax and enjoy herself before, on or after, the big day. The recipe for your products can be e-mailed in or sent with the products when shipped. (I prefer that you email them. 😉 It makes the booklet faster to put together. I want the booklet to go with the swap so help me process this quickly!) All recipes will be included in the swap recipe booklet.

Important! Read ME!
This swap will be split into two swaps. One is for wedding favors. This swap will be for small items and will be sent out in a small flat rate priority mail box that ships for $5.35. The second swap will be for larger bridal gifts and the box is a medium flat rate. Shipping for this box will be $11. You will be allowed to participate in one or both swaps. Just tell me which swap(s) you will be participating in when you sign up.

To prevent the swap from becoming too big, I am going to limit each group size to 15 people. If we have more people that are interested, I will create a second group to allow more people to participate.

Deadline Dates to know:
Last Sign Up Date: February 3rd, 2012
Last Possible Shipping Date: February 22nd, 2012
Return Mailing Date: March 1st, 2012

All items will be shipped to MMS.

Majestic Mountain Sage
Attn: Bridal Wishes Swap (Please list if you are in the Wedding Favors Swap, Bridal Gifts Swap or both.)
2490 South 1350 West
Nibley, UT 84321

What do I include with my package I ship?
Your swap items.
Money to cover return shipping. (Cash or Money Order ONLY) I will have a total number of individuals after the sign up deadlines. I will not be able to accept personal checks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In order to prevent confusion with dates, I will be posting frequently to help remind participants of where we are on our calendar!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to post and ask.

Best Wishes!



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