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A varitey of Lip Balm Containers with listed weight of Soy Lip Solutions inside

Here at MMS we hear a great deal about our containers. Many of them are related to the volume or weight of the product that will fit inside. We are often told that our 2 oz containers are mislabeled because they hold 3 oz of product. Today we will answer many questions regarding containers and the importance of taking notes! Are you ready? Come join me.

Most containers are labeled with their volume as determined by water, or an equivalent to water in both volume and weight. The water is poured up to the shoulder in the jar or bottle. The volume of the water is then measured. You will get different weights and/or volumes depending on the product you are putting in a container. If you are putting a whipped body butter in a jar, it will weigh less than if you have a solid massage bar in there, which will weigh differently compared to a sugar scrub.

So how do we suggest you solve this problem? We suggest you sit down for an afternoon with your trustworthy friend: the scale. Weigh your container with and without the lid or cap. Now weigh the container full of material. Take notes and write these numbers down! They will come in handy. The day I created these samples I used Soy Lip Solutions without flavor.

As you produce each product it will be easy to use the TARE feature on your scale. Proofing your work as you go along, or before labeling, will give you peace of mind. Since you can now determine how much product is going into your container you can determine what it costs to produce items for your store/catalog/booths. Then you can make sure you are not giving away any of your product for free, unless it is a free sample! And you will know how much those cost too! 😉


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3 thoughts on “What is inside?!

  • Angela Holbrook

    Good thought on keeping a notepad on this information. As I’d imagine the weight would change specific to each tweek of a recipie too. My drive up order (which was going to be this past order but alas mother nature said no lol) is going to include some of the 2 ounce ones as I want lotions that will pass TSA restrictions.

    My family is big on traveling so I always look into carry on capabilities 🙂

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  • Angela Holbrook

    Oh and to add to the other post (sorry didn’t think of this til after words) I see that body washes/lotions/sunscreens/make up removers/etc are in fl. ounces. I weighed 2 of the products i got from you in the past and their actual weight is heavier than the fluid weight (due to the fluid density). I was wondering is the industry standard of “if it flows it’s fluid weight,” if it doesnt flow it’s what the scale would say?

    (ugh I hope you know what I mean-it was hard not to flip over into physics mode here and describe things that way. lol :S )

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  • Ana B

    Angela, I’m as confused on this as you can imagine on this issue. What constitutes semi-solid and viscous? Sounds like a liquid to me, so I dunno. So, maybe, just to be safe, put both weight and volume on the label? I’ve seen some labels like this on commercially-made products.

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