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I cannot say that soap making is a “family affaire” in my case, but more a personal passion. As I reflect on how it has impacted my family in the last few years, I have started to realize how everyone has their own role in my little passion.

I first started making cold process soap as an answer to my son’s extremely sensitive skin. He was barely a few months old and was already plagued with dry skin, eczema, impetigo and the like. I quickly realized that babies do not really need soap, but since making soap was so much fun, I started making it for my family and friends. My son is now three years old and still does not use soap for bathing. He actually think soap is something for “big people”, and can’t wait to be old enough to use those cute round smelly things mommy makes! He is fascinated by my soaps. He helps me place them on the drying shelves once they are cut and stamped. And if the next time he checks on them they have changed position, you can be sure I get scolded for it!

I now have another little one. She is not yet one year old, but has “shared” my soap passion from the womb. As I decided to stay home for a year after her birth, I used some of my spare time to expand my soap making passion into a little soap making company. Her great blue eyes and happy smile are always great assets when selling products at baby shows! Like her brother, she does not use soap yet, but as my soaping endeavours have spread to other body products, she is always willing to try new butt cream or new baby massage butter. Her role is greatly appreciated!

From the start, my husband has been my greatest supporter and my greatest challenge. He thinks making soap is amusing because I wear a scientist’s lab coat. He often assists me by taking care of the kids during my soaping hours, providing me with mould materials (he is a plumber, so the round ones are his speciality!) and packing the car before and after a show. He has tried everyone of my soap and provided me with feedback. Even the ones he think stink. BUT … here’s my never-ending challenge: I have yet to make one that beats his store bought Pears soap! He swears that my soaps are the best (sweet of him) of all the store bought and handmade soap he has try, except for his favourite Pears soap. So he keeps me going. Hopefully one day I will meet his challenge!

So you see, even though I am the only one making soap in my family, my family is why my soaps are what they are. And that is very precious to me.


Soaping at nine months pregnant

Genevive selling soap!

Luwin building soap molds

Luwin sorting soap

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2 thoughts on “Family Guest Blog – Julie

  • Nina P

    I love your Blog!!! I love making soap and was so thrilled to find your website! Thank you for sharing your talent!

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