Sadie Update! 3

I have decided it is far time we gave you an update about Sadie. The little fur ball has gotten quite big now and her antics are the center of many discussions. Did you know that she cries and whines and yowls when people leave for work? You can hear her all the way through the door! Even though she has company of Leo and Kira, two adult cats, she can’t wait until you get home! She will wait at the door like a dog when she hears the garage door open. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you want to know how much Sadie weighs now? She weighs 78.5 ounces! It is hard to believe she used to be smaller than a stick of butter. You can see in the pictures how big she has gotten. It is hard to believe she used to be fed every two hours! I don’t miss those sleepless nights. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will be taking the camera home soon for more adorable Sadie updates!


Aww! Look how cute.

Sadie next to a stick of butter. She is getting so big!

Sadie is thinks she has a new toy!

Can you believe she stuck her tongue out just for the camera? LOL!

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3 thoughts on “Sadie Update!

    • Andee

      She definitely has a personality that makes you laugh. For example, yesterday morning Sadie decided that she wanted to share a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast. She thinks that human food is the best! While Leo and Kira are normal picky cats, there isn’t much that Sadie won’t eat. She is under foot when you cook in the kitchen and cleans up spills on the floor faster than the dogs!

      I’ll have to get Taylor to write about the chocolate cake!

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  • Fruitleather

    Very cute. She reminds me of a kitten we rescued when I was younger. He was such a character.

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