Making Lip Balm from Diane’s Cupboard

The last request of Diane’s was for a lip balm. I tackled Diane’s lip balm with vigor. She has some oils that are a treat for the lips, so this lip balm is a perfect pampering treat. As a review, here are the ingredients in her cupboard.

I used all of Diane’s oils in this recipe along with Beeswax. This lip balm has a great light flavor due to the Orange Butter so extra flavors are not necessary.

Collect needed items:

Green Tea Butter
Coconut Oil
Aloe Extract
Orange Butter
Wheat Germ Oil
Mixing Container (Microwave Safe)
Transfer Pipettes
Containers for finished product (I used the 1 oz Jar Set.)


Recipe in ounces:
0.14 ounces Lanolin
0.35 ounces Green Tea Butter
0.53 ounces Coconut Oil
0.21 ounces Aloe Extract
0.71 ounces Orange Butter
0.71 ounces Wheat Germ Oil
0.88 ounces Beeswax
Recipe in grams:
4 grams Lanolin
10 grams Green Tea Butter
15 grams Coconut Oil
6 grams Aloe Extract
20 grams Orange Butter
20 grams Wheat Germ Oil
25 grams Beeswax
Recipe in Percentages:
4% Lanolin
10% Green Tea Butter
15% Coconut Oil
6% Aloe Extract
20% Orange Butter
20% Wheat Germ Oil
25% Beeswax

Weigh all ingredients into your microwave safe container. Microwave using short bursts of time, stirring every 20 to 30 seconds until all the ingredients have been melted. Do NOT microwave until the mixture is completely liquid as the mixture will be too hot to handle. The Beeswax will be the last ingredient to melt and if you are patient, simply stirring will melt the Beeswax. Using a transfer pipette, fill your lip balm tubes and allow to cool. Try to not move the containers much until the lip balm has set to prevent accidental messes.


Yield: This recipe will fill 22 of the lip balm tubes.

This lip balm has a light orange flavor due to the Orange Butter but if you would like to intensify the flavor, we recommend using a sweetener like Sugar Baby. You can add different flavors to this lip balm to complement the Orange Butter. Try Chocolate Cream for chocolate covered oranges, Mango Mango for Island Smoothie, Peach for Fuzzy Navel, Champagne for Mimosa, or Vanilla Banilla for an orange creamsicle.


Cooling lip balm.

Weighing the Lanolin and Green Tea Butter.

Adding the Coconut Oil.

Completely weighed ingredients.

Completely melted ingredients.

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