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The other day I made the Tropical Rose Soap which I had to force through saponification because my temperatures were too hot. I was so in love in the color, smell and feel of this soap I decided to make another soap without the cosmetic problems my first batch had. Come join me this delightful soap! 

This time when I made this soap, I let my temperatures cool until they were at about 130° F. Probably still a little on the warm side but I didn’t have any troubles! Yea! I am afraid I am just a little too impatient. Sigh. Maybe I need to put some meditation music on while I am in the blog kitchen. Ugh! Patience is really hard! Did you know I can make cookies, brownies, cakes, soaps, lotion and creams all from scratch but my omelets are ALWAYS under done? It isn’t like omelets take any longer. In fact they take less time. I was really pleased with how smooth the soap was when I poured it into the molds. It reminded me of when you make ice cream and pour it into the ice cream maker. A few weeks ago I made a Hibiscus flavored ice cream that looked just like this soap. It was super yummy!

These beautiful bars are now up to par with the pure luxuries of this soap. Mnn. I think I either want to use an outdoor shower or go visit one of our local springs. What a great way to relax and feel super sexy!

P.S. Did you know that soap (not detergent) is biodegradable? How cool is that! You can even take your soap camping. Yippee!

Collect Needed Items:

Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
Palm Kernel Oil
Shea Butter, Refined
Rose Fragrance Oil
Amethyst Pink Color
1 Gallon Soap Bucket
Soap Spoon
Soap Mold
Glass Beakers
Immersion Blender
.15 cc Scoop


Recipes in Ounces
21 oz Coconut Oil
25 oz Palm Oil
32.75 oz Palm Kernel Oil
5.25  oz Shea Butter, Refined
32 oz Water
12.25 oz Lye
1 fl oz Rose Fragrance Oil
.15 cc scoop Amethyst Pink Color
Recipes in Grams
595 grams Coconut Oil
708 grams Palm Oil
928 grams Palm Kernel Oil
148 grams Shea Butter, Refined
907 grams Water
347 grams Lye
30 mL Rose Fragrance Oil
.15 cc scoop Amethyst Pink Color
Recipes in Percentages
19% Coconut Oil
23% Palm Oil
30% Palm Kernel Oil
5% Shea Butter, Refined
29% Water
11% Lye
1.5% Rose Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Amethyst Pink Color

Weigh all of the oils into a microwave safe container. Heat gently until liquid. Add the lye to the water to for a lye solution. Mix the oils and lye solution and blend until a light trace is achieved. Add the Rose Fragrance Oil and  and mix well. Pour into a mold and allow to sit for 24 hours. Cut the soap. Allow the soap to cure. Longer curing time will result in a harder bar. Enjoy!


Finished Soap

Weighing Oils

Weighing Oils

Mixing Lye Solution

Melted Oils

Adding Lye Solution

Mixing Soap

Adding Color

Mixing in Color

Mixing in Color

Adding Fragrance Oil

Stirring in Fragrance Oil

Soap in Molds

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I'm a twenty something happy, animal loving, curious experimenter. I love reaching back into history and trying old recipes for cosmetics or foods. I'm constantly asking "Why?" My curiosity has me trying new things. I love taking walks with my dog as well as staying at home to cuddle with the dog and my cats. Some of my favorite scents include Hinoki Wood, Rose Garden, Jasmine and Gladiator.

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3 thoughts on “Tropical Rose Soap 2

  • Fruitleather

    Beautiful soap! would hibiscus infused oil work to get that lovely color?

    And Hibiscus ice cream?! Can I get the recipe?

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  • Angie

    Soap Looks Lovely :0). Now for ur omelets hehe
    try tossing them in the oven at 350ish for 2 to 3 min.
    If you make ur omelets with whipped eggs It will come out all puffy and beautiful.
    with whipped eggs>>>
    U heat ur pan first with oil or butter 1 to 2 tbsp, then toss ur veggies/meats, pour in the wipped eggs, shake it a bit side to side so the veggies moving into the eggs. 3 to 4 shakes, let it sit for a min to 1.5 min this lets it cooks a bit on the bottom, then toss it to the opposite end of the handle, cook it for a min or so again. this gives u time to shove cheese in there if you want, 1 last toss, so it sits on the side with the handle. toss your pan in the oven 350 for about 3 to 4 mins
    I will come out looking like a little football ( USA Football) flip it on to a plate softly and dig in. if u use a 10in pan U could easily use 4 eggs if u wanted to share it with some 1 or 2. cuz it whipped it will look crazy big
    I say toss but u could use a spatchula. (it might not look as smooth but still yummy) :0)
    make sure the pan u r using can be tossed in the oven nothing on the handle.
    If you need more info on your omelets I will be happy to help.
    LOTS of time Managing a breakfast restaurant.

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  • Taylor Post author


    I do not know if the hibiscus infusion will work. We will have to test and see.
    As for the Hibiscus Ice Cream, I would love to send you a recipe. Sometime in the future, it might even be a blog!


    Thanks for the help for my omelets. This is great! This info is just in time for the weekend. Now if I can remember how many eggs I have at home… Do you think a dozen eggs will give me enough practice? 😉 Hmn. I think you’re right. It isn’t enough. Adding Eggs to grocery list. This week on my agenda is Omelets, German Chocolate cake and homemade soda. What a rough life for my family. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!


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