Strawberries and Champagne Lip Soother 6

How can you make a lip balm better? (Besides adding your favorite flavor oil to the lip balm.) Why, you add extracts of course! In this lip balm, I not only made a fantastic flavor blend, I also gave this lip balm a skin treatment punch. Great looking (and great tasting) lips are now within your grasp. We can have a party! Are you ready? Let’s turn on the radio and dance through the kitchen while we make this party in a tube. You can even add some glitter or mica. Come join me in the kitchen for strawberries, champagne and great lips.

This lip soother tastes like rich flavored strawberries paired with a smooth, bubbly champagne. It does not need to be sweetened nor is it cloyingly sweet. It makes me think of an evening picnic with the sun approaching the horizon while you enjoy a fresh and light dessert of strawberries and champagne. Sigh. The end to a perfect day. (This lip soother definitely talks to the romantic in me.) The nice thing about this lip soother is that you can wear it any time of day. I didn’t notice that the flavors or extracts added any color to the lip balm. They are fairly light in color. As another plus, this lip soother has never made my lips feel so silky and smooth. I didn’t even need very much. One glide across the lips and I am ready for anything to come my way.


Collect Needed Materials:

Vegan Lip Solutions
Orchid Extract
Calendula Extract
Strawberry Flavor Oil
Champagne Flavor Oil
Ruby Lip Balm Color
Lip Balm Tube Filling Tray
Lip Balm Tubes


Recipe in Ounces
10.08 ounces Vegan Lip Solutions
.2 ounces Orchid Extract
.2 ounces Calendula Extract
.1 ounces Strawberry Flavor Oil
.1 ounces Champagne Flavor Oil
Q.S. Ruby Lip Balm Color
Recipe in Grams
285 grams Vegan Lip Solutions
5.6 grams Orchid Extract
5.6 grams Calendula Extract
2.8 grams Strawberry Flavor Oil
2.8 grams Champagne Flavor Oil
Q.S. Ruby Lip Balm Color
Recipe in Percentages
94% Vegan Lip Solutions
2% Orchid Extract
2% Calendula Extract
1% Strawberry Flavor Oil
1% Champagne Flavor Oil
Ruby Lip Balm Color

Heat the Vegan Lip Solutions gently until liquid. Add Orchid Extract, Calendula Extract, Strawberry Flavor Oil, Champagne Flavor Oil and enough of the Ruby Oil Soluble Lip Color to cover the end of a toothpick. Stir well. Pour into a Lip Balm Tube Filling Tray with Lip Balm Tubes. Allow to cool. Scrape of the top with a plastic putty knife and remove the tubes. Cap and enjoy!

Finished Lip Balm

Vegan Lip Solution

Adding Orchid Extract

Adding Calendula Extract

Adding Strawberry Swirl Flavor Oil

Adding Champagne Flavor Oil

Ruby Lip Color on a toothpick

Added Color

Pouring Lip Balm into Filling Tray

Filled Lip Balm Tray

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