Pear-ly Spring Souffle

Spring is here! While this means that our weather can be warm in the afternoons and we use the air conditioners in our cars, the mornings are still chilly and require the use of the heaters in our cars. πŸ™‚ To help keep the skin moisturized with the varying temperatures, I formulated this light souffle to be enjoyed at any time of day.

While pears are actually my favorite fall time treat, I couldn’t resist using the Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil in this souffle. The fresh, crisp and green scent is reminiscent of spring in the high mountain valleys of Northern Utah. The chilly morning air, the scents of new plants growing, damp earth and so many more scents make up mornings here, but Juicy Pear mixes the sweet smell of pears with the of home. I think you will agree with me if you could smell mornings here! What do your mornings smell like?

Collect needed items:

Sesame Oil
Jojoba, Colorless – Odorless
Emulsifying Wax
Avocado Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Stearic Acid
Cocoa Butter, Deodorized
Optiphen Preservative
Liquid Silk
Vitamin E Acetate
Orchid Extract
Pumpkin Seed Extract
Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil
Premixed colors of Lemon Yellow and Grape
Microwave safe container for weighing ingredients
Transfer Pipettes
Immersion Blender
Containers for the finished products
(I’m using the I’m using the 1 oz Jar & Cap Set.)

Recipe: (Makes 7 ounces)

Recipe in ounces:
5.64 ounces Water
0.18 ounces Sesame Oil
0.18 ounces Jojoba, Colorless – Odorless
0.18 ounces Emulsifying Wax
0.14 ounces Avocado Oil
0.14 ounces Sweet Almond Oil
0.11 ounces Stearic Acid
0.11 ounces Cocoa Butter, Deodorized
0.07 ounces Hydrovance
0.07 ounces Optiphen Preservative
0.07 ounces Liquid Silk
0.07 ounces Vitamin E Acetate
0.04 ounces Orchid Extract
0.04 ounces Pumpkin Seed Extract
0.04 ounces Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil
2 drops of premixed Lemon Yellow
4 drops of premixed Grape
Recipe in grams:
160 grams Water
5 grams Sesame Oil
5 grams Jojoba, Colorless – Odorless
5 grams Emulsifying Wax
4 grams Avocado Oil
4 grams Sweet Almond Oil
3 grams Stearic Acid
3 grams Cocoa Butter, Deodorized
2 grams Hydrovance
2 grams Optiphen Preservative
2 grams Liquid Silk
2 grams Vitamin E Acetate
1 gram Orchid Extract
1 gram Pumpkin Seed Extract
1 gram Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil
2 drops of premixed Lemon Yellow
4 drops of premixed Grape
Recipe in Percentages
80% Water
2.5% Sesame Oil
2.5% Jojoba, Colorless – Odorless
2.5% Emulsifying Wax
2% Avocado Oil
2% Sweet Almond Oil
1.5% Stearic Acid
1.5% Cocoa Butter, Deodorized
1% Hydrovance
1% Optiphen Preservative
1% Liquid Silk
1% Vitamin E Acetate
0.5% Orchid Extract
0.5% Pumpkin Seed Extract
0.5% Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil
2 drops of premixed Lemon Yellow
4 drops of premixed Grape

Weigh all ingredients except the additives (Optiphen, Liquid Silk, Vitamin E Acetate, Orchid Extract, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil and color) into the microwave safe container. Heat in the microwave using short time bursts until everything is melted. Blend the ingredients to a smooth, creamy consistency using the immersion blender. Add additives once the temperature drops enough that you don’t feel like you are burning your hands when moving the mixing bucket. Blend until completely mixed. Pour into jars and allow to cool completely. Cap the jars.

Notes: This recipe makes about 7 ounces of lotion. I made this recipe for our Spring Fling Swap that ended in March. This souffle is actually fluid enough that you could put it in lotion bottles with a disk top or pump. The

Completely cooled cream on my finger.

Weighing the oils and solid ingredients.

After heating the ingredients.

Mixing the souffle and color.

Adding the other additives.

Finished cream.

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