Lip Balm for a Crowd 1

Lip Balm can be such a fun project for a group of people, but what do you do when you have a large group and everyone wants to use a different flavor? Pull out an electric skillet, several jars of Lip Solutions or glass jars with your own lip balm formula and away you go!

Collect needed items:

Lip Solutions or other prepared Lip Balm
Flavor Oil
Lip Balm Colors, Oil Soluble
Electric Skillet
Transfer Pipettes
Butcher Paper
Permanent Markers

Place the desired number of full jars into an empty skillet. Add water into the skillet until the water is 1/2 inch to 1 inch deep around the jars. This will prevent the skillet from overflowing. Turn the temperature to “Simmer” or approximately 200° F. This will melt the lip balm, but it is not an instant process as it will take time to melt the lip balm. If you would rather, you can jump start the melting process of the lip balm by using a microwave then just use the skillet to keep the lip balm at the melted state for a long time so many people can fill their own lip balm jars or tubes. While the skillet is heating the lip balm, cover the counter space next to the skillet with butcher paper and tape to the counter to prevent abrupt jostling movements to the paper. After all, you don’t want to spill anyone else’s lip balm! Once the lip balm is melted, add the flavor and color of choice and mix well. Don’t forget to label the jars with the flavor of lip balm they contain. You can either write on the glass or on a label. Now the lip balm is ready to be transferred into tubes or jars.

Choose a number of people to come fill lip balm tubes at the skillet. This number will vary on the available space around the skillet. Allow them to set their lip balm tubes on the butcher paper and fill their tubes. After they have filled their tubes, they should sign the paper next to their tubes with their name. Now they can go to the next project while their lip balms cool. Once a paper is covered with filled tubes, allow them to cool until all the tubes are completely cooled. Now, invite the people to come back and cap their lip balms. Once the lip balms have been capped, simply set out a new sheet of butcher paper and begin again.

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Two jars of Lip Solutions in the skillet.

The Lip Solutions is starting to melt.

Partially melted Lip Solutions.

Adding the flavor to the Lip Solutions.

Adding color to the Lip Solutions.

Make sure the jars have been labeled with the correct flavor.

Completely mixed Lip Solutions.

Cooling lip balms with signatures.

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