Blog Reader Challenge 9

It has been a while since our last challenge, so I believe that it is time to extend another challenge to all blog readers. We just finished a week of milk soaps and now I’d like to see how your milk soaps turn out.

1) Submit a picture to show the finished soap. You can show us the whole process or just the finished soaps.
2) Tell us about your opinions of the process. Was it easy? Was it fun? Was it what you expected?
3) Any milk product is available as an option. Yogurt, Half & Half, Soy, Rice, Cow, Goat, Sheep, Almond and many more.
4) You are not required to leave the soap unscented or even uncolored. We want to see how you make your milk soaps!
5) Enjoy yourself and have fun!

Submissions will be due by March 25th. Each guest writer will receive a $25 gift certificate for their participation.

Happy Soaping!

Karol, Tina, Maureen and Laurie, your soap sets left today!

Don’t forget to submit your blog or video posts to win the MMS Perfumer’s Kit. Remember, this kit is worth $280! Submissions are due by March 1st for posts during February.

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About Andee

Director of Happiness. I'm a thirty-something soap snob. I've grown up with handmade soaps, and I love them! I really like making lotions, soaps, and perfumes. I adore mixing scents to come up with something new. My favorite scent is either Wicked or Cotton Candy. I tend to hoard fragrances, I even have an Earl Grey Tea from the MMS catalog. I won't tell you how old it is, but it sure is good!

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9 thoughts on “Blog Reader Challenge

  • atin_co

    Hi Andee,

    I received my soaps today and they look very nice! I have a question for you – since they were just made recently for your blog posts, should I let them set for a few weeks before using them? I want to make sure I test them out correctly for my own comparison.



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    • Andee Post author


      Use them now. They are fine for use. No problems with curing either. The curing process only allows more water to evaporate. As far as safety goes, this is just fine to use now.

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  • Lynda

    I just sent my url in to your email. It was fun but a tad stressful. I added extra ingredients this time and then with the goat milk… But it was fun and they turned out great! I can’t wait until they cure and I can use them. Thanks for the challenge.

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  • ahuntsberry

    Oh man, I missed the contest. I just found this blog, this contest, and I made half and half bastile soap yesterday! Half I added honey. Half of each of those batches I divided again because I wanted to see the difference between gel and no gel. I even have photos and everything! Bugger. Oh well, it was fun to do anyway.

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