Almond Meal

Last week, we made fresh Almond Milk for our Cold Process Soap: Half and Half Method with Almond Milk blog post and I promised that I would take a picture of the Almond Meal that was left over after straining the milk. If I had not slipped all of the skins off of the almonds, there would have been flecks of almond skins throughout the meal. If you were to eat this Almond Meal, it would have the texture of almonds, but it lacks the flavor of almonds. This Almond Meal would make a perfect face mask. You could make something like the Face Mask with Okara and substitute the Almond Meal for the okara instead. Ahh! Time to be perfectly pampered!

I know I promised to show you the comparison pictures of the milk soaps, but I’m having a difficulties with the camera flash and the color correction of the photos. This is skewing the color comparison too much to actually show the color differences. I will definitely post these pictures tomorrow!

Almond Meal.

I also have some very exciting news for those who want to test all of the milk soaps I made last week. If you would like to receive all 5 soaps and test them on your own, you can order them for $18 including shipping! Each bar weighs between 4.5 oz and 5 oz and has measurements of 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ X 1″. They have not been scented at all, so you will only have the soaps as made on their respective posts. I will be sending the set of 5 soaps with no exceptions, but it is a great bargain.

How do I order the 5 Milks Soap Set?
1) Go to the Gift Certificate Form on our website.
2) Fill out all required fields for shipping and billing information as well as the credit card field for payment.
3) Give a Gift Certificate Value of $18.00. Type it into the “Other Amount” box as 18.00 (no dollar sign) to prevent problems.
4) In the “Gift Message” box, type the following message “Please send me the 5 Milks Soap Set!”
5) Submit your order request!

What do I get for $18?
1) 1 Cows Milk Soap
2) 1 Goats Milk Soap
3) 1 Buttermilk Soap
4) 1 Soy Milk Soap
5) 1 Almond Milk Soap
6) Shipping is INCLUDED in this total!

Can I place this through the MMS Catalog Online Ordering?
No. At this time, our MMS Catalog Online Ordering will add a shipping calculation to all orders processed through the system. Our Gift Certificate System will not add any additional shipping charges to your order.

Don’t forget to submit your blog or video posts to win the MMS Perfumer’s Kit. Remember, this kit is worth $280! Submissions are due by March 1st for posts during February.

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