Surprises for Technical Support 1

The beautiful pears.

It is always great to receive thank you letters from customers who have dealt with our Technical Support Staff and received the help they needed. Today we received an amazing package from Kim E. and I’ll admit, we were pleasantly surprised to find some yummy pears from Harry & David in the box. I just had to share what Kim told us in his note, because it was very nice.

Thanks for all of your help and advice! These pears are my absolute favorite.

Thank you Kim! I’m glad that we have been able to give you the help and advice that you needed!

I was able to capture a picture of the pears before they disappeared and they look beautiful! Don’t you agree?

I’m always excited to hear comments about experiences with our staff and I try to share them with our blog readers! The best responses are that we eliminated your hurdles. We don’t need pears to help. The notes, calls, and e-mails are wonderful to receive. Thanks to all!

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One thought on “Surprises for Technical Support

  • jaspersgarden

    Hi Andee!

    I personally want to thank your Warehouse/Packing/Shipping Dept. for the order I just received this past Friday!

    Even though my hubby knew I was expecting UPS, he accidentally locked the front gate around 6:30 PM. When UPS showed up they couldn’t get in…so what did they do? They lifted it over their head and dropped it onto the concrete sidewalk inside our property. The gate is 5 1/2 feet tall – hello??!! I had 5 – 8 oz bottles of fragrance oils and 1 – 16 oz bottle of fragrance, 1# Acai Butter and a Pail Opening Wrench in my order…I found my box Saturday morning, scared to death what I would find!

    Thanks to your packing dept. – nothing was broken!! Each bottle was packed in such a way that I could probably drop one and not have it break – I wouldn’t suggest trying that though! I was so thrilled to have everything intact and ready to use!!

    So – kudos to your Warehouse/Packers Andee! They did an awesome job protecting my order ;o)


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