Adding Extracts to the Daily Shampoo

We just added extracts to the After Swim Conditioner and now we should make a matching Shampoo so your hair gets the best treatment possible. This complete set will be great for any hair needing a little bit extra love and attention.

Some users think that additives to our bases are a big NO NO. So, today we will work on a base and 2% in additives. The bases can handle up to 3% in additives. Fragrance and color do not count in this 3% rule.

Collect needed items:

Daily Shampoo Base
Comfrey Leaves Extract
Horsetail Grass Extract
Fragrance or Essential of your choice (I’m using Green Tea & Cucumber Fragrance Oil)
Transfer Pipettes
Small glass beaker for fragrance and extracts
Containers for the finished product
Recipe in ounces: (Makes 16 ounces)
15.6 ounces Daily Shampoo Base
0.16 ounces Comfrey Leaves Extract
0.16 ounces Horsetail Grass Extract
0.08 ounces Green Tea & Cucumber Fragrance Oil
Recipe in ounces: (Makes 1 gallon)
128 ounces Daily Shampoo Base
1.32 ounces Comfrey Leaves Extract
1.32 ounces Horsetail Grass Extract
0.66 ounces Green Tea & Cucumber Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages:
97.5% Daily Shampoo Base
1% Comfrey Leaves Extract
1% Horsetail Grass Extract
0.5% Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil

Instructions for making 16 ounces:
Weigh the extracts and fragrance into the small glass beaker. Once these have been weighed, set aside and weigh the shampoo into the bottle for final use. Add the extracts and fragrance to the bottle and cap the bottle. Shake vigorously until everything is completely mixed.

Instructions for making 1 gallon:
Weigh the extracts and fragrance into the small glass beaker. Pour into the gallon jug of Daily Shampoo Base and cap the jug. Shake vigorously until everything is completely mixed. You may have to bribe someone with baked goodies! Check the Food and Recipes Category for bribery ideas. Pump into final bottles!

Don’t forget to label your bottles!


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Collect needed items.

Weighed Extracts and Fragrance.

Pouring extracts and fragrance into the gallon jug.

Finished bottles ready for labels.

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