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Around our house, we always use baking chocolate in various baking projects and someone kept having to run to the grocery store until we realized that we could make our own baking chocolate at home. Now, instead of needing to go to the grocery store for baking chocolate, we simply make our own. Now you can too! This is another fantastic reason to pull our scales out and use them for reasons other than bath and body creations. You can also use this baking chocolate in cold process soap and have yummy smelling soap!

Collect needed supplies:
Cocoa Butter
Hershey’s Cocoa: Special Dark
Hershey’s Cocoa: Natural Unsweetened
SACO Premium Cocoa: A Special Blend of natural & Dutched Cocoa
Mixing bowl
Microwave safe container (I’m using a Pyrex liquid 2 cup measure)
Rubber Scraper

Recipe in percentages:
40% Cocoa Butter
60% Cocoa Powder

We have 3 cocoas we will blend. Since we will make brownies next, I’m going to blend these like this:

40% Hershey’s Cocoa: Natural Unsweetened
40% SACO Premium Cocoa: A Special Blend of natural & Dutched Cocoa
20% Hershey’s Cocoa: Special Dark

This will give use a unique blend of flavors to round out our brownies. If you happen to have black cocoa (think Oreos) then limit this cocoa to 10-15% of your blend. Black cocoa is very single sided in flavor. Go ahead and use what ever cocoas you have available and that you like the flavor of.

We need 8 ounces for brownies. 40% of 8 ounces is 3.2 ounces, this is the cocoa butter. 60% of 8 ounces is 4.8 ounces, this is the cocoa. We now need to figure the amounts of cocoa by variety.

4.8 X 40% = 1.92 ounces
4.8 X 20% = 0.96 ounces

1.92 ounces Hershey’s Cocoa: Natural Unsweetened
1.92 ounces SACO Premium Cocoa: A Special Blend of natural & Dutched Cocoa
0.96 ounces Hershey’s Cocoa: Special Dark

Weigh all of the Cocoa Powders into the mixing bowl, stir together and then set aside. Weigh the Cocoa Butter into the microwave safe container. Heat in the microwave using short time bursts until the Cocoa Butter is melted. Now that the Cocoa Butter is melted, gently pour it over the mixed Cocoa Powder and stir to combine all the ingredients thoroughly. Check and make sure there are no more lumps of powder that need to be broken up.

Cool, stirring periodically. When this mixture is cool to the touch on the upper lip, the baking chocolate is ready to use in baking.

Otherwise, pour into storage containers and label for use on another day.


Collect needed supplies.

Weighing the Hershey's Cocoa: Natural Unsweetened.

All three cocoas after being weighed.

Adding melted cocoa butter to the mixed cocoa.

Mixing the cocoa butter into the cocoa.

Continuing to mix.

Checking for any lumps of cocoa.

Almost completely mixed.

Finished baking chocolate.

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One thought on “Making Baking Chocolate

  • smat0904

    Excellent recipe. I added a little sugar, spread the mix on waxed paper lined cookie sheet and chilled in the frig. Chopped into chip size pieces, and put in my chocolate biscotti. Declicious !!

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