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Have you ever had a birthday sneak up on you so suddenly? I have and it usually means I’m scrambling to find the perfect gift at the last minute. Today, I’ll show you how to make a money rose for those surprise occasions or the recipient that is next to impossible to shop for. This gift is fun to make and give. You can give any amount of money you desire with the minimum of $6 (United States Dollars). Doesn’t that just sound fun? See photo 1.

Photo 1. Completed roses.

Collect needed supplies (See Photo 2):
6 Dollar Bills (any denomination desired)
A spool of 24 gauge Floral Wire (cut into 6 sections of 5 inches each)
18 inch long 18 gauge Floral Wire (for the stems)
1/2 inch wide Floral Tape
Silk Rose Leaves
Bamboo Skewers or similar item
Wire cutters
flat and stable work place

Before you start making the rose, you will need to decide which side of the bill you want facing outward. I prefer to have the face side of the bill on the inside of the rose. See photo 3.

To start the center of the rose, set one bill in front of you horizontally and fold the top right corner down, at an angle, to the bottom of the bill. Once the side edge have been lined up evenly with the bottom edge, crease the bill along the fold. See photo 4. Now, fold the top left corner at an angle to half way down the side of the bill. Crease the bill along the fold. See photo 5. Now we can start rolling the bill from the left side. See photo 6. Start by tightly rolling the bill until you have gone completely past the folded corner of the bill. See photo 7. After you have reached this point, you can start crimping the long lower edge of the bill, while continuing to wrap, this allows the remaining portions to “flare” out around the tighter center. See photos 8 through 14.

Once the bud has been rolled, fold 1/4 inch of the bottom up to make the rose bud be able to fit inside the rose petals. See photo 15. Hold tightly and take the middle of a pre-cut piece of wire and start wrapping around the folded base of the bud, leaving two long tails. See photo 16. Twist the wire tightly against the base of the bud. Now the bud has been finished and we can set it aside while we make the rest of the petals. See photos 17 and 18.

To make the other 5 sections of the rose, begin pinching the middle of the bill until you have pinched the entire bill together across the center. These are gathered and would look like a series of Ws. See photos 19 and 20. It will look like you are holding a bow tie rather than any petals for a rose. Se photo 21. Take another pre-cut piece of wire bent into a U shape and place the pinched portion into the U of the wire. See photo 22. Twist the wire together under the bill. Make sure it is as tight as possible since this will help the body of the finished rose. See photos 23 and 24. Press the center until you have created a bowl-like shape with the bill. See photos 25 and 26. Care must be taken to prevent tearing of the bill. Set aside and repeat with the other 4 bills. This creates 5 sets of petals.

Now we have made all of our petals and we can start putting our rose together. We start with the rose bud and place it in the center of one set of petals. See photo 27. The wire from the bud should fit between the petals. See photo 28. Twist the wires together at the bottom of the first set of petals to hold the rose together firmly. See photo 29. Take another set of petals and place them to cover the empty space between the first set of petals. See photo 30. Twist the wires together at the bottom of the set of petals. See photo 31. Repeat until all the sets of petals have been placed and secured. See photos 32 and 33. You now have a rose that is missing a stem and leaves, and needs the petal corners rolled.

Using a skewer, knitting needle, or other slender cylinder, roll the corners of each bill (4 corners x 5 bills = 20 corners). Curl them at a 45° angle to each corner. See photos 34 through 38.

Take the twisted wires and set a floral stem next to them as close to base of the rose as possible. See photo 39. Start wrapping the wires and floral stem with the floral tape. See photo 40. I like to leave a small section of the twisted wires open at the base of the rose, so the recipient can cut wire and remove the money easily. After wrapping the floral stem for about 4 inches, take 3 rose leaves and place them next to the floral stem and begin wrapping them along with the stem wire. See photo 40. Continue wrapping the stem wire until all the leaves are secure.

Fold the bottom 3 to 4 inches of the stem wire up to create a soft “cut” end. The wire is very pokey and we will do this for safety reasons. Finish wrapping with floral tape. See photos 41 through 43.

Taa Daa! Your single rose is ready for the final shaping. Touch, bend or curl where you think your rose needs assistance. See photos 1 and 3 again.

Now you have a complete rose perfect for gifting!


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Photo 2.

Photo 3.

Photo 4.

Photo 5.

Photo 6.

Photo 7.

Photo 8.

Photo 10.

Photo 12.

Photo 14.

Photo 16.

Photo 18.

Photo 20.

Photo 22.

Photo 24.

Photo 26.

Photo 28.

Photo 30.

Photo 32.

Photo 34.

Photo 36.

Photo 38.

Photo 40.

Photo 42.

Photo 9.

Photo 11.

Photo 13.

Photo 15.

Photo 17.

Photo 19.

Photo 21.

Photo 23.

Photo 25.

Photo 27.

Photo 29.

Photo 31.

Photo 33.

Photo 35.

Photo 37.

Photo 39.

Photo 41.

Photo 43.

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5 thoughts on “Money Roses

  • bluebutterflz

    Oh how fun! Perfect for the difficult person to shop for! I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the creative idea!

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  • w8n4ice

    I tried this last night and it turned out pretty cool. With a little more practice these will look gorgeous

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  • NancyA

    My son is getting married and there are no young single girls for the bouquet toss, so I am making one for her to throw at the whole crowd, for anyone to get. Thanks!!

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