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The story behind this lotion is quite entertaining. I would recommend taking a moment to read the story on the Special Request Lotion recipe page. I think this creamy lotion would be a great bribery for any handyman with its fresh and clean masculine scent. Collect needed items: Ingredients Citric […]

Special Request Lotion

January 19, 2009: Martin Luther King, Jr Day is also known as Human Rights Day. The USPS is closed and will not make deliveries on this day. They will also not be picking up any shipments from our facility. UPS recognizes this holiday but operates as normal, delivering and picking […]

Martin Luther King, Jr Day

When I looked at the calendar yesterday, I was very surprised to notice that Valentines Day is just barely over a month away! Valentine gifts tend to include roses and chocolates. This year, why not give a gift of chocolate, without the calories? Today, I’ll show you how to make […]

Chocolate Mousse Magnetism

I know the Autumn Moisture Maintenance seems appropriate for a season when leaves turn orange and fall to the ground, but this lotion is an awesome moisturizer for any time of year. This is the perfect light lotion for the winter hooligans that you call family and friends, whether they […]

Autumn Moisture Maintenance

Using the immersion blender to blend ingredients together. 12
I’m glad to be back and bring in a new year of blog posts! A year ago today, we released our first blog post. It has definitely been a fantastic year, and I have learned so much sharing with you. I hope this year will be filled with more fun […]

Aloe Butter Hand Cream