Directions and a Map to Majestic Mountain Sage

Recently, I had to help a customer find where we are located and while I gave her directions, I realized that it might be helpful to list directions for those coming from out of the county.

Directions from Salt Lake City:
Follow 1-15 North to Brigham City. Take Exit 364 (1100 South) into Brigham City and take the right fork of the exit. This will put you on Highway 89. After you get off I-15 you will see a Wal-Mart on the right side of the road. You are on the correct road.

Follow Highway 89 into Logan. You will go through a small canyon, but the road is four lanes. Be careful going through Mantua – this is a “COP TRAP.”

As you come down out of the canyon (called Sardine Canyon) you will see the whole valley and it is a beautiful view. Stay on Highway 89/91 and you will pass a Burger King in Wellsville on the left side of the road. In Nibley, you will pass a sign that drops the speed limit down to 55 miles per hour. At this time you will want to be in the left lane, because you will be turning left soon. You will pass a Comfort Inn on your right and there will be a Flying J gas station on your left up 300 ahead. There is a left turn right before this Flying J. TURN LEFT HERE! This intersection is an odd Y type road way. Once you are on this left hand turn street (called 1000 West or 10th West) you need to travel from the south end of town toward the north side. Remember the key to all Utah addresses is the quadrant system: 700 North is 7 city blocks north of the main city road (Center Street), 1000 West is 10 city blocks west of the main city road (Main Street).

While on 10th West, you will pass ICON Health and Fitness, then an elementary school, then LW’s Truck Stop at 200 North. The light here at 200 North and 10th West is notoriously short. The buildings in our complex are white with red and green trim. Our building is the ONLY building in the complex that faces north. Once you are in the complex, you will be able to see the MMS logo on our windows. Helpful hint for your trip through this part of Utah: the mountains closest to you are on your right, this is also East.

Our address is 918 West 700 North Suite 104. For all the instructions and maps, this is very easy to find. 700 North is within the complex and is not a through city street. If you would rather have our latitude and longitude for a GPS unit, we are at latitude: 41.744167 longitude: -111.8575.

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