Monthly Archives: September 2009

Yesterday, we made brown sugar and it was so easy! As I promised, today we will make the Brown Sugar Body Glaze. Collect needed supplies: Brown Sugar Oat Flour (I made this one myself in the food processor) Liquid Glycerin Colorless Jojoba Oil or Golden Jojoba Oil (I’m using Colorless […]

Brown Sugar Body Glaze

I love creating dry oil sprays using Cyclomethicone, but as I mentioned when I made the Monster Away Spray, unfortunately not every fragrance is compatible with Cyclomethicone. Since some of us would rather know the compatibility up front rather than test, I will be testing for you. After I find […]

Cyclomethicone Testing

I’m not sure if you are familiar with Rooibos Tea also known as Red Tea, but ever since I discovered this fantastic tea, I’ve added it to my collection of teas to drink. My favorite Rooibos Tea is the LIPTON Red Tea with Harvest Strawberry and Passionfruit in the Pyramid […]

Rooibos Tea

Today, I will be showing you how to make tofu from fresh Soy Milk. Collect needed items: 4 batches of fresh Soy Milk Large cooking pot Measuring Cup Stirring Spoon Measuring Spoons Water Nigari (Natural Magnesium Chloride) Tofu Mold Weights Cheesecloth Stove Pour all four batches of the fresh Soy […]

Making Tofu

I promised I would show you how to make a face mask with okara and today I will show you how simple this face mask is. Collect needed items: 1 batch of Okara Rose Hydrosol Honey Chamomile Extract Heavy Duty Paper Towel or Hand Towel Scale Container for mixing Spoons […]

Face Mask with Okara

Remember the picture of the fresh honey comb? Today, I’m going to show you some of the extraction process that we use on our hives. I hope you enjoy these pictures. After removing the super from the hive, we set aside all the supers to allow any remaining bees to […]

Extracting Honey