Using the Body Milk Gift Kit

Yesterday, we chose a green color for our Body Milk Gift Kit scented with Cucumber Fragrance Oil. Now for the fun part of making the kit.

#1 Collect the items you need.

  • Body Milk Gift Kit
  • Premixed dyes from Jan 12, 2009 post
  • Paper towels

#2 Add fragrance. The entire 1 fl. oz. of Cucumber Fragrance Oil is perfect to scent a gallon of Body Milk.

#3 Add color. I used a total of 4 drops of color: 1 drop of blue and 3 drops of yellow.

#4 Here the part where I generally recruit others to shake, but alas, I had to shake it today. The Body Milk is in is a frosted jug, so you can see the color through the jug. As you can see, the color isn’t mixing yet. Oh well, I guess I have to keep shaking.

#5 Finally, the color is almost completely mixed. It is very faint and hard to see through the frosted gallon jug.

#6 Yippee! The color and fragrance are completely mixed. We’re almost done!

#7 You can start pumping the Body Milk into bottles. Once the pump has been primed, filling the bottles happens quickly.

#8 Remember the two-thirds rule? If you do, then you can skip the next paragraph, but if you don’t, or you need a refresher, read on.

We follow a labeling rule that is easy to understand and catches the eye. The two-thirds rule is really simple. First, take a sheet of paper and set the bottom of the container even with one edge of the paper. At the shoulders of the container (bottle in our case), draw a line. Find the 2/3 point between the line that you just drew and the edge of the paper. Next, we are going to mark the 1/2 point. Once these points have been marked, you now have an outline for keeping your labels at an even height on all your bottles. To place the label, you will want to cover the 2/3 point of the bottle. Wonder if I’m right? Raid your kitchen, laundry room and cosmetics to check other labels. Two-thirds is the point where your eyes focus first. Most companies have the product name in the area of 2/3. Wow!

#9 The lotion is all finished and labeled. I wish I could keep a bottle for myself! I’m going to send these back to the shipping department now to go out with some lucky orders!

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