Plumberry Spice Celebration Soap

I love glitter. Okay, let me rephrase that. I love everything sparkly: glitter, jewelry, costumes, Christmas lights… I love it all. I go just nuts over something with sparkles as does my ten year old cousin. (At least I have someone to play dress up with. ;-) ) I have more beads, baubles and shiny things than what I know what to do with. I just keeping adding more to my collection. (My sister akins me to a crow.) I wanted to make a transparent soap that brings out the little girl in me that giggles and twirls around the kitchen in delight. Let’s head to the kitchen for giggles and glitter that we dreamed of as children. We can even have a tea party afterwards! How does that sound?

This soap was originally created by some goofing around in the kitchen. I was playing around with mixing different colors of the Oil Soluble Lip Balm Colors in melt and pour. I got overly excited and added one too many colors. The result was this rich plum/brown color that I just loved. I added some glitter to make it “shine” and Plumberry Spice Fragrance Oil. I love it when playing around in the kitchen results in more inspiration. Don’t be afraid to play. It has amazing results!

Collect Needed Materials:

Olive Melt & Pour Soap
Plumberry Spice Fragrance Oil
Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter
Coral Lip Balm Color
Yellow Lip Balm Color
Blue Lip Balm Color
Ruby Lip Balm Color
Microwave Safe Container
Tablespoon Measure


5 lbs Olive Melt & Pour Soap
1.5 oz Plumberry Spice Fragrance Oil
1 Tablespoon Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter
Q.S. Coral Lip Balm Color
Q.S. Yellow Lip Balm Color
Q.S. Blue Lip Balm Color
Q.S. Ruby Lip Balm Color
Recipe in Percentages
98% Olive Melt & Pour Soap
2% Plumberry Spice Fragrance Oil
Q.S. Ultrafine Iridescent Glitter
Q.S. Coral Lip Balm Color
Q.S. Yellow Lip Balm Color
Q.S. Blue Lip Balm Color
Q.S. Ruby Lip Balm Color

Melt the soap gently until liquid. Stir in Lip Balm Color, Fragrance Oil and Glitter. (If the color came in seeds like apple seeds, I used 2 seeds of Coral, 1 seed of Yellow, 1.5 seeds of Blue and 3 seeds of Ruby.) Stir until soap is cooler in temperature. Pour into molds. Allow to cool until solid. Remove soap from molds. Cut and enjoy!

Don’t you love how fast this was? Change this soap by using different fragrances, colors, glitters and molds! Your imagination is the limit!

Finished Soap

Melted Soap

Adding Color

Adding Color

Adding Color

Adding Color

Adding Color

Adding Color

Adding Glitter

Adding Plumberry Spice Fragrance Oil

Soap Close Up

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  • DannyLLafrance says:

    Great idea..Well,thank you so much for the idea..That’s very interesting topic.


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  • Wanda says:

    Thank you I’ve been trying to mix colors, really it’s the natural/plant material I want to work with but this has considering adding some of your water soluble to my inventory. Budget constrains have kept me from buying colors. I have to just do it. Thanks again I just love y’all and this blog!

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