Spring into the Shower with Juicy Pear Gentle Shampoo

Lately, I’ve been swamped with several projects that I can’t wait to share with you. Over the weekend, I had a tragedy of all tragedies. I ran out of shampoo!

A labeled bottle of Juicy Pear Gentle Shampoo.

So, today I roped the crew into helping scent a gallon of our Gentle Shampoo Base with Juicy Pear Fragrance. Why Juicy Pear? This fragrance is cheerful, and I love the smile it brings to my face when I’m in the shower. Actually, this coffee addict will even grudgingly admit that using Juicy Pear scented anything in the morning might be better than a cup of coffee. Coming from me, that’s singing high praises!

Part of the catalog description says, “Fresh, fruity, green and staying power! Some pear scents will morph in cold process soap, not ours! Some pear scents don’t smell realistic, not ours! Some pear scents have no staying power, not ours!”

Have you tried Juicy Pear? Request a sample of this Juicy Pear Shampoo in your next order and let me know if you are a fan!


Gentle Shampoo Base
Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil


1 gallon Pump
Containers for the finished product


Recipe in Grams

3628 grams Gentle Shampoo Base
28 grams Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil

Recipe in Ounces

128 ounces Gentle Shampoo Base
1 fl ounce Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil

Recipe in Percentages

99.2% Gentle Shampoo Base
0.8% Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil

Are you ready to get started? Open the jug of Daily Shampoo Base. Add the fragrance. (This is a full 1 fl oz bottle.) Replace the cap and tighten. Shake the jug by turning upside down and back again. Once you think it’s been mixed, open the jug to verify the fragrance and shampoo base have been mixed thoroughly. You don’t want a section that is hardly scented and a section that is strongly scented. If you would like to add a color to your shampoo, now is the time to do it! Now you are ready to fill and label your desired containers!

You only need a little of the fragrances found in our catalog as a little goes a long way! For the shampoo today, we used 1 ounce of fragrance per gallon of product, and I think it’s just the right amount. Less fragrance would be a very subtle scent, and more would be overpowering.

What would your favorite use for Juicy Pear be?


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