Fun in the tub with Bath Crayons

When I was younger, my mom bought me bath crayons so I could do what every kid wants to do – draw on the bathroom walls. Now that I am grown, I miss the bath time fun I had when I was younger. I always had to bring in all my toys, and it was such a joyous and playful experience!

Finished Bath Crayons!

Finished Bath Crayons!

To help me take this trip down memory lane, I decided to try making my own bath crayons. I made some samples and sent them home with the ladies in the warehouse who have kids. Even though I don’t have kids, I took home a sample so I could feel like a kid again in my own bathtub.

My bath crayons got some rave reviews! One lady said it can be so hard for kids to have fun in the bath and get clean at the same time, but these crayons made it really easy! Another lady took a crayon home to her 15-year-old daughter, who had a blast doodling all over the shower walls. Bath crayons are for anyone who wants to have fun!

The recipe is beyond easy – if you can work a microwave or stove, you can make bath crayons! I melted 5 ounces of the Transparent Melt and Pour Soap and added 1 tablespoon of pre-mixed Ultramarine Blue Pigment. I think the blue color could have been a little darker, but I was concerned about it staining my shower walls, the grout, or my bathtub, so I refrained from adding any more. If you are worried about the bath crayon staining the walls or grout, give your child a thin wash rag to draw on while in the tub, then when they are finished, they can use it to wash up!

I poured these into our Bigger Lip Balm Tubes because I thought they were the perfect bath crayon size. The melt and pour soap could be poured into any of our tubes. I have also seen people use ice cubes trays.

If you make these crayons, I’d love to know how much fun the kiddos have with them!

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