Is Your Immersion Blender Working Against You? 2 Problems – 1 Great Solution 2

Hello, adventurous makers! I wanted to pop in and write a quick blog about immersion blenders.

Cracked Immersion Blender

Lately, I have noticed a lot of my soaps have air bubbles.  After doing some thorough investigating, I discovered that my immersion blender blade is cracked! A cracked or bent immersion blender blade can cause unwanted air to be added to your soap, lotion, cream or any mixture. The unwanted air can cause your soap to look like a block of Swiss cheese. It is normal for the blade of an immersion blender to be slightly uneven; usually, one side is angled up, and the other is angled down. Dramatic angling of the immersion blender blades is a problem.

It is a good idea to periodically check your tools for damage. Use this opportunity to take a few minutes and check all of your soap making tools. If you have any cracked or deformed blades, it is time to treat yourself to some new tools.


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I am a twenty something goofy, cat-loving, outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy gardening, fishing, and camping. A few of my favorite fragrances are Juicy Pear, Love Spell, and Jacob. I can't lie, I am a bit of a newbie in the soap making world but I am ready to learn and so excited!

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Immersion Blender Working Against You? 2 Problems – 1 Great Solution

  • L Thomas

    I wanted to share my experience with my stick blender. I purchased a heavy duty Kitchen Aide blender, because I make 20lbs of soap in a batch. I purchased this stick blender and after 7 months the collar the attachment connected to the blender cracked. After many phone calls I found out this, if you use a Kitchen Aide appliance of any kind to make anything other than food, the warranty is void. So any mixers, stick blenders, food processors anything Kitchen Aide makes. Soap and body products will void that warranty.

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    • Katy Post author

      Thanks for sharing! That is good to know. Sorry you had such bad luck with your stick blender.

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