Planning a Baby Shower Gift Basket – Day 5

Working on all the items for a Baby Shower Gift Basket this week has been really cool, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot! Not only has this week sparked a lot of great conversations with customers in emails, phone calls, and on Facebook, but also in my personal life. I’ve discovered there is a lot to know about babies and why my dad always joked that the doctor forgot to hand him the manual when I was born.

My finished gift basket for the baby shower!

My finished gift basket for the baby shower!

After listening to all the conversations this week and despite not coming with an owners manual, I’ve decided that babies don’t have lots of needs. However, their few needs are critical! Here’s my list of what babies need:

  • food
  • a warm and safe place to sleep
  • diapers
  • someone to clean them and care for their health
  • and most importantly, lots of love!

In my preparations for this upcoming baby shower, I’ve seen lots of crazy marketing out there that tells people what babies should have. I’m not sure why babies need loud playsets or gymnasiums at early ages when they can’t enjoy them as much as they will enjoy these entertainment items when they become toddlers. This might be my perspective, but I’d rather give a gift basket that will be used by the parents to bond with their baby rather than take up space in a bedroom for months.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the week, my intention for this gift basket was to formulate everything with extra TLC (tender love and care) in mind. I love how this gift basket goes back to the root of giving loving care to both baby and mom by making their needs the most important part of the gift. I can’t wait to give my gift basket, and I am really hoping that this gift will bring the new mom and her baby lots of time together.

Do you know a new mom in your life? What would she think of these items? What do you think of these items? What would you change or add to a gift basket like this?


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