Wonderful Wednesday! New Products for You to Try!

Oh my goodness! I’ve been so busy with some fun and crazy projects, that I totally spaced on writing a blog post to tell you all about the newest additions to our catalog! Come join me as we take a tour down the product aisles at TheSage.com.

Our first stop is on the Bases aisle to introduce you to the Oil Perfection Base. We’ve had a few of you begging for beard and body oils that didn’t feel greasy or leave a heavy residue. After gathering data, we mixed up this fabulous blend of Coconut Oil Fractions, Sunflower Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba, Aloe Extract, Orchid Extract and Vitamin E! I’ve used this on hair, skin and handed out lots of samples to the human “lab rats.” We’ve gotten a LOT of positive rave reviews, and once you try it, you will discover why! The Oil Perfection Base makes not only a perfect beard oil, but also cuticle oil, hair oil, massage oil, and so much more. Where would you use this awesomesauce oil blend?

Follow me down the fragrance aisles at TheSage.com.

Follow me down the fragrance aisles at TheSage.com.

Next, we’re going to swing down the fragrance aisle, and I’m going to introduce you to 5 new fragrances! So, which fragrances are the newest additions to the catalog? Meet Blueberry Bliss, Mocha Mint, Dragons Blood, Nag Champa, and Squeaky Clean! I was so excited to try all of these fragrances that I’m going to admit I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite. I’ll try to describe them for you, but the catalog descriptions are already fantastic.

So if you love those fruity scents, Blueberry Bliss is going to be totally up your alley. Every time I sniff this fragrance, I find myself drooling! Not delicate salivating drops of drool, but the floodgates of a happy cat doped up on catnip. I’m looking forward to making a blueberry lemonade sugar scrub using the Blueberry Bliss and Lemon Zinger. Are you excited to try Blueberry Bliss?

If you like the foodie type scents, but fruity fragrances aren’t really your thing, Mocha Mint might be the fragrance for you. I’ll let Jennifer tell you all about this one. I just got a bottle of this and I am IN LOVE. Chocolate mint has always been one of my favorite combinations. When I was little-little, my mother used to get General Foods International’s Irish Mocha Mint instant coffee, and I would always grab a taste. When I had my husband take a sniff, his instant reactions was “Back on the truck with Dad and the mint thins.” (His dad worked for Lance) I have to keep reminding myself this is NOT a flavor oil, lol! I may make myself a roll-on with it, though, just because it’s so delicious!!” Thanks for the rave review, Jennifer! She really is excited about Mocha Mint, and I can’t agree with her more!

What if the gourmand type scents aren’t perfect for you? Can I suggest either Dragons Blood or Nag Champa? These incense-like fragrances are very sensual and exotic. These two scents just wrap around you like lazy curls of smoke and then carry your worries away. If you like patchouly, sandalwood, and other similar scents, then you will adore these two fragrances! I can’t wait to make some soap with both of these fragrances for a globe-trotting friend of mine who always wants soap for their travels.

Last on my list today is Squeaky Clean! This fragrance completely embodies the scent of clean. You know, the smell after spring cleaning or the one we all look for from a person who has just gotten out of the shower. That scent. There are all sorts of undertones and blended components in the fragrance, but every time I get a whiff, the last thing I want to do is analyze it! I just want to close my eyes and enjoy a moment of calm and clean.

I hope you enjoyed your tour around the warehouse! Keep your eyes on the New Products section of the catalog because I know we have a few more new products that are just waiting to be released. In the meantime, I hope you find some new fragrances to fall in love with!


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