Coconut Cream Bubble Bath

Finished bottles of Coconut Cream Bubble Bath.

Finished bottles of Coconut Cream Bubble Bath.

Coconut Cream is one of my favorite fragrances. I love coconut, anything from Virgin Coconut Oil to Almond Joy’s ™. I’ve seen a few articles say that coconut is excellent for your skin and as well as other things. I can’t guarantee that, but this fragrance is just a reminder of how awesome coconut is. I used this in the tub the other day, and I fell asleep in a warm, relaxing bubble bath surrounded by the aroma of Coconut Cream.

Bubble Bath Base
Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil
1 gallon Pump
Containers for the finished product


Recipe in Grams
3628 grams Bubble Bath Base
28 grams Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Ounces
128 ounces Bubble Bath Base
1 ounces Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
99.2% Bubble Bath Base
0.8% Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil

Are you ready to get started? Open the jug of Bubble Bath Base. Add the fragrance. (This is a full 1 fl oz bottle of Coconut Cream Fragrance.) Replace the cap and tighten. Shake the jug by turning upside down and back again. Once you think it’s been mixed, open the jug to verify the fragrance and bubble bath base have been mixed completely. You don’t want a section that is hardly scented and a section that is strongly scented. If you want to add a color to your bubble bath, now is the time to do it! Now you are ready to fill your desired containers!

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