Can you see what I see?

Mary's knitted blanket honoring her mother and grandmother.

Mary’s knitted blanket honoring her mother and grandmother.

Have you ever wished you could clearly explain what you see? Sometimes when I am in a class and demonstrating I will explain there are fine differences from one phase to the next while making soap. It can be quite difficult to see these minor changes while one is still a beginner. Experience is everything here! But what about really seeing what others see? I found a website to do just that!

If you visit you can really see what others see! The really neat thing about this site is it allows us to fully understand what it means to be someone else for a tiny fraction of their life – through their vision. I grabbed my recent prescription and entered the numbers on the site. I then showed everyone what the world looks like to me without my glasses. Most commented about how hard it must be since I don’t need my glasses to read or do computer work, but beyond the length of my arm the world goes fuzzy (this is why I misplace my glasses so often). They now understand completely, and not by words, but by seeing what I see.

My friend is knitting a replica of a quilt that her grandmother made from worn out aprons and scraps from dresses. The knitted blanket is an amazing piece of work with each diamond being hand knit and seamed together. Amazing in its own right, but now consider that she is legally blind. Seeing what she sees makes the whole project much more a work of art and a work of passion and no longer “just a knitting project.”

Would you take a minute and thank the person who inspires you today? Mary is my source of inspiration and courage!

Gather round the dinner table and enter the prescriptions of those at the table. It will give everyone a good laugh, a groan and a greater understanding of each other. This time can build connection and bonding.

Have a great day!

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