Simple Car Freshener 2

Everything you will need to make a Simple Car Freshener

Everything you will need to make a Simple Car Freshener


With Summer brings the heat, and the heat brings on all kinds of stinky smells. I made the mistake of leaving a left over burrito in the back seat of my car. Let’s just say, it certainly doesn’t smell good in there. So, today I am going to make a freshener to put in my car. This project is super easy and can most likely be done using stuff that you have lying around the house.

For me, I love things to be extra scented, the more the better. While my boyfriend on the other hand, not so much. There have been times he has climbed into my car and said, “Oh my gosh Katy! I can’t breathe, How much did you spray in here?” Whoops! I violated the confined space rule!

I went to ask Taylor how many drops she suggested to put on a sachet card. She told me it can really depend on the fragrance you want to use. You could put 10 drops of Vanilla Yogurt and it would smell delicious, but you could also put 10 drops of Eucalyptus Spearmint and it would be very overwhelming. For this project today I chose Polynesian Red as my fragrance oil because it is one of my favorites. I chose to only put about three drops on the sachet card so it wouldn’t drive my boyfriend too crazy. Oh, the things we do for love.

Finished Car Freshener

Finished Car Freshener

I went to google and found a star outline that I could print out and used that for the shape of my car freshener. Using a hole punch, I put one hole on one of the edges and tied a piece of ribbon through it. There you have it folks! Now my car no longer smells like a discarded burrito. 🙂



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