Garden Spotlight – Peppermint 2

I adore fresh peppermint!

I adore fresh peppermint!

I absolutely adore peppermint. While sometimes the essential oil is too potent for me to work with, I still adore peppermint. I actually have a peppermint plant in the company garden though I am forced to keep it in a pot to prevent it from taking over. I personally wouldn’t mind if it took over the garden but everyone else here wants corn, squash, strawberries and other things too. So my peppermint is relegated to a plastic drum converted into a pot and I am stuck dreaming of a garden full of peppermint.

While my peppermint is a little sad with how hot it has been recently, it has been a trooper. As we approach the end of our growing season, I am planning different ways to enjoy my peppermint during the winter. One excellent way to use peppermint leaves is to make a foot soak. Andee shared an excellent footsoak recipe that has become my favorite. I also want to use a few leaves to make a lightly peppermint flavored honey. I have never made it before, but thought it sounded like a fun project to do.

Do you have peppermint in your garden? How do you like to use it? Share your ideas and photos!


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2 thoughts on “Garden Spotlight – Peppermint

  • Barb Oswald

    Don’t do it Taylor. I put mint in my garden years ago and regretted it for the next several years while it tried to take over.

    Mine now lives a constrained life in a pot on my deck. I use it in Indian lamb kebabs (kofte) and Vietnamese (Bahn Mi)sandwiches. A couple leaves in a glass of lemonade is nice as well as a mint mojito.

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    • Taylor Post author


      You are not the only one to warn me. I am so tempted though because I feel like I strip my poor plant clean. Sigh.
      Us gardeners never win, do we?

      The kofte sound so yummy. I make a fabulous Butter Chicken but have not ventured into kabobs… yet. I think you have inspired me!

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