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Okay, so I want to share with you my favorite apple pie recipe of all time. I love this apple pie recipe. The apples are crisp and the flavor is just out of this world. You macerate the apples in apple cider, lemon juice, sugar and spices 1-24 hours before cooking. It may seem strange and different but trust me, people won’t stop at just one slice. This apple pie is THAT amazing. If you plan on making this pie for Pie Day, consider starting the night before to save some time. The apples gain amazing flavor during the maceration process. I could skip the pie crust and eat the apples as is. Yum!

Another thing I really like about this recipe is that it can make 3 or 4 pies. It really depends on your pie plates and how well you fill them. 😉 I will give you a warning. Your family will request this every year. Just don’t let on how easy it is!

Apple Cider
Dark Brown Sugar
Lemon Juice
Vanilla Extract (or Vanilla Bean Scraped)
Cinnamon, Ground
Nutmeg, Ground
Cloves, Ground
Ginger, Ground
Allspice, Ground
Clear Jel (Not instant)


Note that the italicized items are optional.


Recipe in Volume
6 lbs Apples (apprx 16-18 apples or 12 cups sliced/diced apples)
3 cups Apple Cider
1 cup Dark Brown Sugar
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Lemon Juice
2 tsp Vanilla Extract (or 1 Vanilla Bean Scraped)
1/2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Cinnamon, Ground
Scant 1/2 tsp Nutmeg, Ground
1/8 tsp Cloves, Ground
1/8 tsp Ginger, Ground
1/8 tsp Allspice, Ground
To Be Used Later
1 cup Apple Cider
1/2 cup Clear Jel (Not instant)


In a very large bow, mix together 3 cups apple cider, sugars, lemon juice, vanilla, salt and spices.

Peel, core and coarsely chop or slice apples. Place the apples in the cider mixture as you cut them. Allow apples to macerate at room temperature for at least 1-3 hours, stirring occasionally. I like to let them macerate overnight. You can let the apples macerate for as long as 24 hours in a cool place.

Strain juice mixture from the apples into a large pot. Bring juice mixture to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

In a small bowl, mix the reserved 1 cup of apple cider with the Clear Jel; stir the Clear Jel mixture into the cider mixture simmering in the pot. Return to a boil and cook until the juice has thickened, about 1-2 minutes. Stir in apple pieces as well as any remaining juice into the pot. Return mixture to a boil, lower heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

Allow the pie mixture to cool. As it is cooling, you can prepare your pie crusts. You want the apple mixture cool before you ladle it into the raw crusts. If you transfer while hot, it will melt the butter in the crust too early and give you a soggy, non-flaky  crust. Bake the pies at 350°F for 30 to 50 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Now find the ice cream and dig in!

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4 thoughts on “Planning for Pie Day – Scrumptious Apple Pie

    • Taylor Post author


      Clear Jel is a thickener. You can find it at most baking supply stores.
      Ask around. If a local store doesn’t carry it, they will have some ideas
      of where to look.


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  • Dave

    Your answer about clear gel gave me nothing. I cannot find such a thing anywhere. Are you talking about gelatin? Powdered? Sheets? Gold? Silver? Pectin? Agar agar? Corn starch? There are hundreds of thousands of chemical compounds that can be called clear gel, so please elucidate. Can you show me a package? Read the ingredients? Name a specific brand? Give a UPC code? A link to a purchasing page? I need to know of what gel you speak.

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    • Andee

      Not Clear Gel, but Clear Jel®. This is a modified cornstarch product that can often be found at specialty cooking/baking supply stores or stores that have many canning supplies. I get mine at a local cooking supply store.

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