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ExclamationA few days ago I asked what people do for heat rash. Some good comments were made for our readers. I checked out the web for further reading on this topic. The Mayo Clinic site recommends menthol for cooling the skin and lanolin to help prevent duct blockage and stop new blisters from forming.

I learned from this site that heat rash can feel prickly (which is why it is sometimes called prickly heat) and that the cause is from excessive sweating. If the pores become blocked and trap perspiration under the skin, the body can not regulate the heat well and the rash develops. Rashes can appear red or clear and have bumps everywhere. Rashes are a sign of inflammation of the skin. Babies can have this problem easily in their first few months to first years. During this time they are dependent on adults to help regulate their body temperatures. Over dressing in summer can be a problem for all humans, especially babies. Adults tend to take off clothing when they are too hot.

Heat rash can turn to heat exhaustion or heat stroke so taking precautions to keep the body cool is an important daily focus.

The WebMD.com also recommends cool water showers, using a non-drying soap and allowing the skin to air dry. It is especially important to stay in cool areas while outside temperatures soar. If you are prone to heat rash, or worse, make sure you have light weight clothing, refreshing beverages to replace water lost through sweating and that you remain in cooled locations. See your doctor if symptoms are bothersome or do not go away after a few days. Heat stroke is a medical emergency and must be treated as life threatening.

Take care in the summer heat!

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    • Cee

      We can make it ourselves of course! LOL

      My Peppermint LS is similar to Dr. Bronners — it leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated. Speaking of menthol and lanolin, I forgot to mention that I add a menthol crystal or two to the Breezy Mint EO blend I use to fragrance that LS. Also, I sometimes use 2 % lanolin instead of jojoba oil in that formula. Here’s a link:

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