Heat Rash – What to do! 6

Do you suffer from heat rash? Does someone in your family?

Are there red, itchy bumps all over the skin? Are there more acne bumps than ever before?

Do tell! What do you do to beat the summer heat and calm hot, sensitive and upset skin? We want to hear your solutions! We are voting on the best answers (totally subjective here) and you can vote too! Just log in to our blog and post your votes on all the comments. Some cool gifts (get the pun?) will be awarded to the hottest answers! (Double the pun!)


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I started thesage.com in 1996 with the help of my husband. Now I get to help people make all kinds of soaps and bath and body products. I think my favorite things to make are lip balms and lotions/creams. Of course I get most of the soap technical support questions because that is my strong knowledge area. Glad this blog is here!

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6 thoughts on “Heat Rash – What to do!

  • Tina Post author

    A phone comment is to use oatmeal in a bath – either grind to a flour or create a tea bag for ease in discarding after the bath. Allow the water to become hazy with the oatmeal and rest the skin in the cool water. Not too hot for the bath water!

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  • April

    I sure would like an awesome answer to this! I live in sunny Arizona. I also ride a motorcycle every day rain or shine. During summer and monsoon season, I often get stuck waiting for this one train to connect it’s cars and be on it’s way making my usual 35 minute commute nearly an hour. Needless to say, I arrive home daily in these seasons sweaty, salty, with my chest covered in tiny red bumps and the back of my right calf nearly cooked. There’s no way I’m getting in a bath, the water coming out of my house pipes is pretty darn warm this time of year! I usually wipe down with refrigerated water and some paper towels. I’m hoping to find out some secret remedies to overheated skin or heat rash. Please, post away!

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  • LuAnn R.

    It has been super hot here in Idaho the last few weeks, with the hottest day being 110 degrees!! With my boys playing baseball, I had to come up with something to help cool them off, as well as help the heat rash!
    I looked through what I had on hand, and came up with a pretty awesome cooling spray, that coincidentally also helps rashes and bug bites. I use 1 part peppermint hydrosol (locally sourced, I got to go right into their distillery!), 1 part witch hazel, and 1/2 part 91-99% rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 part aloe juice. I mix those together and add about 1 tsp of polysorbate 80 per 4 oz. My favorite blend of EO’s for this is lavender, peppermint(2nd distillation), eucalyptus, and lemongrass. I kind of just add drops of those oils until it smells like I want it to, then use it at about 2% of the total weight. I keep it in the fridge when nobody is using it, so far it’s used up fast enough that I don’t use a preservative, and I don’t sell it. It’s always fun to have 12-14 year old boys come to beg me to spray their necks and arms whenever they get a chance, they love it!! 🙂

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  • Cee

    One of the best things I’ve found to relieve heat rash is to take a shower with my Breezy Mint Hair and Body (Liquid) Shampoo. Here’s the EO blend (Source: Rainbow Meadow):
    1 part Balsam Peru
    2 parts Peppermint
    5 parts Spearmint
    This is also nice in a fine mist sprayer to spritz around the face & neck, ankles & wrists to keep cool while outdoors.

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