Containers: Does One Size Fit All?

Choosing a container can be hard!

Choosing a container can be hard!

I love creating and making new recipes as well as using bases of lotions, butters, and scrubs. The next best thing to making products is trying to find a way to contain the finished product! If you are like me, you have a space for all of your containers and gift giving supplies. All clearly labeled of course! (Ha! Ha!)

How do you decide on which container to use? Let’s say we are making a new batch of lotion and it is all completed with a fabulous “enter your favorite scent here” fragrance. Now is the time to decide where the finished product is intended to be used and what size of container is the best to use. When I make body creams for slathering everywhere, I like to use the 16 oz Deep Jars, 8 oz Low Profile Jars, or 4 oz Low Profile Jars. These jars are intended for places like my nightstand, office desk, and my reclining TV chair.

When it comes to options that need to be more portable, I like to use the 2 oz Low Profile Jars or the 1 oz Jar Set. You can often find a 2 oz Low Profile Jars in my purse, or until the kids have rifled through the purse leaving just a small amount of lotion for me. Plus, the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule says I can take as many 3.4 oz (100ml) containers that can fit into a small baggie. This means I can put in several of my 2 oz sizes to use on my vacations. I know, I know, I’m a planner all the way.

Choosing the right size also is dependent on your product! You don’t want to put the Body Butter Base in an 8 oz jar when a little of this base goes a long way. The best sizes for this particular base are 1 oz or less. I promise a 2 oz jar will be too much!

Remember, if using for yourself, gift giving or selling, one size might fit all, but having multiple sizes available can double the fun!


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