CSW 2014 Special Spotlight: Crystal of Dirty Water Soapworks 2

cswSometimes it is hard to describe something with words and give it justice. I’m going to attempt to do just that by telling you about one of the people who helped us while at the Central Soapers Workshop. Let me tell you all about Crystal Decker from Dirty Water Soap Works!

Tina, Taylor and I had the chance to attend the Central Soapers Workshop back in March. Although it has been some time since I’ve last attended a conference, this was the best conference I’ve attended in quite a while! The Central Soapers Workshop is also a unique event, for it has the Soap Lab where techniques are demonstrated and every attendee has the chance to try making a batch or two of soap with new ingredients or recently learned techniques.

Crystal and her fantastic tutu!

Crystal and her fantastic tutu!

This year, we sponsored the Soap Lab and Crystal was the Soap Lab coordinator. Every time we had questions about setup, equipment availability, and ingredients needed for demonstrations, Crystal found the answers. Often we found ourselves asking where she had her magic wand stored because she made the difficult and impossible happen. From the moment we met at the airport our weekend was filled with stories, crazy amounts of giggles, and lots of brainstorming for next year. Crystal was extremely instrumental in making sure the Soap Lab had everything it needed, gauging how much time was left in the pen Soap Lab and when things needed to be prepared for the next demonstration.

Crystal’s help in the Soap Lab was more than coordinating and organizing. She helped various attendees with their batches of soap and even helped with some troubleshooting! There were a few times that I overheard people asking Crystal how long she had worked with us at Majestic Mountain Sage. I’ll have to admit that we are honored to have people ask Crystal this question because she is an awesome person and very helpful to many people, not just us! If you need any proof, her products are a great start!

Baby Buttermilk Soap in a gift set.

Baby Buttermilk Soap in a gift set.

Last year we had a friend who went on a spiritual retreat to India. The goal of this retreat was to help the soul heal from the chaos and stresses in life. As our friend prepared to go on his trip, we reached out to Crystal and got some of her Baby Buttermilk soap to send with him. We told him that this soap was to help wash away the stresses of life and cleanse not only his body, but his soul. When he got back from the retreat, he had a bounce in his step that hadn’t been there before he left. He told us that the very light scent (from an unscented soap) gave him the ability to sit in the shower and let the stress wash away every day. Crystal’s soap not only gave him the ability to become physically clean, but at the same time cleansed his soul. If you ever get the chance to try any of Crystal’s products, I would recommend jumping at the chance!

Crystal has been helpful not only with the Central Soapers Workshop, but also on our Forum. She regularly participates in swaps, asks questions as well as helping us answer questions from other forum participants. I find myself challenged by Crystal to learn new things and never stop asking “Why?”

Crystal, thank you for all your help! We can’t tell you how much it has made our lives easier!


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2 thoughts on “CSW 2014 Special Spotlight: Crystal of Dirty Water Soapworks

  • Crystal

    You made me blush and cry, neither are easily accomplished! Love you all, thanks so much for the kind words. Can not wait to get together again!

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    • Andee Post author

      You are worth every bit of praise and more! We apologize for being so late in expressing our thanks!

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