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Monday Morning Sample Announcement!

More, more and more lotion samples are being created; we are mixing up lotion samples again so we can send them to you! We send out a free sample in every order that is placed with TheSage.com.

Just leave a comment in the the “notes” section if you want to try one of these scent samples and we will send it along with your order.

Today we are taking the Lotion Base, Paraben Free and adding in 1 fl oz. of fragrance to each gallon of lotion and stirring until fully mixed, then filling samples sizes to ship in every order placed with TheSage.com.

The fragrance oils that we have chosen to mix up today are Dreamsicle, Strawberries and Champagne, and Cucumber.

Dreamsicle Fragrance Oil – This scent reminds me of those orange creamsicles, the orange creamy cold treats. Dreamsicle comes with a sensual vanilla and a lovely refreshing orange scent to create that fun and uplifting blend of a must-have treat. I certainly need to share this sample. If you haven’t had a chance at this scent, add a note to your next order and we will send you a cheerful treat.

Strawberries & Champagne Fragrance Oil – What a great combination! A light berry scent with a fabulous champagne twist. Next to mimosas this is a great way to enjoy your champagne with a sweet, fruity blend. This is a delightful and easy fragrance that works well in cold process soap, lotions, body sprays, shampoos and melt and pour soap.

Cucumber Fragrance Oil – A fresh green type, not floral or sweet. This leafy green vegetable scent has hydrating and refreshing tones that remind me of a fresh peeled cucumber! This highly requested scent is a go-to when making soaps, lotions, and room sprays. My brother likes this scent in room sprays for the restrooms. What a thoughtful person. 🙂 Sometimes he likes it blended with a melon scent. Either way, it’s a keeper!

Remember next time you place an order and want to try one of these many samples that we are preparing, add a comment in the note section and we will send it your way!




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