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We are fast approaching sheep shearing season. Now, you may be asking “What does sheep shearing season have to do with me?” Well, for one thing, sheep are just too darn cute. For another, I stumbled upon a box of sachet cards that are cut out in the shape of a sheep!

If you are unfamiliar with sachet cards, let me tell you a little bit about these nifty pieces. Sachet cards allow you place a few drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oil onto the paper then stash in your car, linen closet, lingerie drawer or even the pantry. Or with these little sheep sachet cards, you can even display them for all to see!

Now because this is a special, you can request these for FREE! You just need to note in the comments field of your next order that you would like some of the Sheep Sachet Cards. Shipping will include a collection of 10 Sheep Sachet Cards in your box, but only if you request them.

To use a sachet card, select a fragrance oil or essential oil of your choice. I will be using Baby Powder Fragrance Oil. Place a few drops on the card and allow them to spread out. You can then draw, decorate or even label the card with the fragrance and the date. I am going to draw wool onto my sheep. This is best do after applying the oil because some pens bleed.

Happy shearing season!


Sheep Sachet Cards

Sheep Sachet Cards

Adding Baby Powder Fragrance Oil

Adding Baby Powder Fragrance Oil

Added Fragrance Oil

Added Fragrance Oil

Drawing on my sheep! :-)

Drawing on my sheep! 🙂

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