Gifts from the Cupboard – Head to Toe Base

Head to Toe Cream – Paraben Free Base or Body Cream Base

This is a perfect time of the year to restock the cupboard, you may have some extra time or you may even have some extra hands around the house. A great time to restock the cupboard with your great gift ideas that will be on hand when that next gift is needed.

Head to Toe Cream, another great base product that is simple and easy to make wonderful gifts fast. This cream is one of my favorites, I keep a jar of this stuff everywhere! You can use any of the bases, Body Cream, Goat Milk Cream, Head to Toe Cream, whichever you choose the process is the same.

Items to Collect:
Head to Toe Cream – Paraben Free Base
Containers of your choice
Fragrance Oil of choice
zipper baggies

A super fast and less messy way is to weigh out the Head to Toe Cream into a zipper bag, add in a great fragrance, then zip the top before kneading the bag to completely mix in the fragrance. Then cut the corner of the bag and pipe into the jar, add lid and label. So simple and easy to do. You can even make this easier by ordering the Body Cream Kit! This kit comes complete with a gallon of base, jars, lids, fragrance, and labels.


Body Cream measuring out lotion Body Cream adding to baggie Body Cream adding fragrance and mixing t_BodyCreamBase

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