Gifts for the Cupboard – Wax Melts 6

Wax Melts for Warmers

This is a fun and easy gift to make for your self or for giving. I have several warmers throughout my house and I think it is an easy way to freshen up any room with fabulous scents. This is also the perfect time of the year to restock the gift cupboard, you may have some extra time or you may even have some extra hands around the house. Wax Melts are another fun item that I like to give for gifts for any holiday. You could make up several batches with a wide variety of fragrances or you could follow the recipe below and fragrance each clamshell; this is a simple and easy recipe for making fun gifts.

Wax Melts Recipe
1 lb. Soy Wax
1 lb. Fractionated Coconut Oil
Fragrance or Essential Oil of choice
Multi-cube Clamshell – great idea for breaking off a chunk later
or Wax Tart Molds I’m going to try the Pinecone Tart Mold with Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil

Weigh 1 lb. Soy Wax, add 1 lb. Fractionated Coconut Oil. Heat together on medium until fully melted. I like to use the Mulit-cube clamshell so we measured out 2.4 oz. of melted product into a small paper cup, then added fragrance 2 ml, stirred and then poured into the Multi-cube Clamshell. Be careful to not over heat your mixture, if it is too hot it can melt your Multi-cube Clamshells. After wax melts are cooled, then close the Multi-cube Clamshell container and label.

Everyone will be so impressed that you will be making this often for your friends and giving as gifts. This recipe yields approx. 6 of the Multi-cube Clamshells, so make some for giving and don’t forget to make some extra for yourself. Don’t forget, your gift cupboard has been depleted!


Melting Wax

Pouring Melted Wax into Clamshell

Wax cooling in Clamshell

Adding Fragrance into Melted Wax


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6 thoughts on “Gifts for the Cupboard – Wax Melts

    • Tonya Post author

      We use the Fractionated Coconut Oil to lower the melt point of the Soy Wax as it has a current melt point that is too high. We wanted a softer wax that could handle the lower temperatures of a wax melter and be easy to remove from the dish if desired.

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    • Tonya Post author

      Yes! You want something that has a VERY long shelf life. Mineral oil, jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil are similar for their lengthy shelf life. If you are ok with a 1 year shelf life then almond oil, canola, soybean, avocado, etc will work. The goal is to make a pliable yet easy melt product without the brittleness of the wax.

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  • Diana

    I’m new to this kind of craft stuff. I was wondering can you melt this stuff in the microwave too?
    And can you use the silicone molds (Mini ones) instead of the clam shells?

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    • Tina

      The Soy Wax has a higher melt point than is quickly achieved in the microwave. We use the stove because it is easier to maintain a liquid state while scenting and pouring. If you make one scent at a time and are willing to wait by the microwave while the product is cooking then you can certainly use this method.

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