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Did you know that every time you place an order with we send you a free sample? These samples are products from the catalog. Well, recently we have been making several samples of the Head To Toe Cream Base, Paraben Free – we are taking the full gallon of the base and adding in 1 oz. of fragrance oil, stir until fully mixed, then filling sample sizes to be shipped to you for every order you place with If you don’t care to get samples, would you tell us?

Some of the fragrance oil scents that we have already prepared and are shipping with orders are:

Romantic Wish – This scent has many followers and I am unquestionably one of them. This scent is an orange, apple and pear top note fragrance that is complemented with jasmine, lily and sweet melon; with a base note of sensual musk. I scent Head to Toe Cream with Romantic Wish and store in a refillable 8 oz size jar – I use it all the time. Ask for one of my favorites when you order! I love this stuff a ton and wish everyone had a sample. Get it? I wish, Romantic Wish. Ok, nevermind, I’m being silly.

Vanilla Yogurt – Can I just say, Wow! This fragrance is now one of my top faves. The aroma is definitely vanilla and cream with some tangy citrus and caramel notes. Not too sweet or over the top, but a nice happy scent. This scent is a good pick-me-up after a stressful day at work. The happy notes will reset your mind to a calmer, more enjoyable mood.

Pink Chiffon – Oh my! Fresh lilies, soft jasmine, apples, red pear, white peach, with muck and powdery amber. How can you go wrong with that? Names never seem to do the fragrances justice. I guess this is a reminder that the NOSE KNOWS! This means you must get a sample. Where would I use Pink Chiffon? Well, I would start with lotions, soap, or body sprays.

Red Grape and Blueberry – Fruit salad! Yum! This scent is a fruity blend of grape skins, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple and honeysuckle. Base notes of tobacco, caramel and balsamic amber round out this fruit salad scent. Very fresh, sweet (not too sweet), and a nice scent for soaps, lotions, candles and balms. Did you know that most people smell this scent and have a surprised look on their face? The reaction of “Oh!” says it all.

Want a sample of our Head to Toe Cream scented with one of these amazing fragrances? Just use the comment section on your next order and we will do our best to send it your way. Free, of course!

Please help us out! We have several gallons of Head to Toe Cream Base, Paraben Free that we are making into samples and instead of us going around with the eeny-meeny-miney-moe thingie, we would rather you help us choose! Send a comment to this blog with any fragrance oil that you would like to try in the Head to Toe Cream Base. We will take all of your suggestions and start mixing up more samples for your orders.

Happy smelling and moisturizing your skin!


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