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Farmers’ Markets are one of the oldest forms of direct marketing by small farmers and businesses. Many countries offer different forms of selling their produce directly to the public; it can be a variety of shops open to the local community offering fresh produce, wine, or a perfect place to have lunch and enjoy the freshly prepared foods. So check out your local area and surrounding communities and see what great products you can find this season.

Cherry pecan granola is my inspiration for a Salt Scrub. I am going to use Cherry Blossoms and Kiwi Fragrance Oil and add in some ground pecans. The granola was so good, I will need to go back for another bag. But for now I will a Cherry Pecan Salt Scrub (not edible).

Collect needed items:


9 oz wt Salt – I’m using Medium Salt
9 oz wt Glycerin Scrub Base – Paraben Free
2-4 ml Cherry Blossoms and Kiwi Fragrance Oil
Ground Pecans
Zip top baggie or bowl for mixing

Add all ingredients into a zip baggie or bowl, mix well – be careful to not over mix, this base has soap and will make bubbles. When finished mixing cut the corner of the baggie and pipe into the jar or if using a bowl then spoon into container.

Fills one 16 fl oz Deep Jar with Size 89 Cap. Label as you wish.

You can also make this using the Glycerin Scrub Gift Kit available at Yes, labels are included! Perfect for giving that finished look to your jar of scrubs.

I hope your local market will inspire you to make some great products. Tell us what will you be making!

Co-op produce

Co-op produce.

Cherry Pecan Granola

Cherry Pecan Granola.

Salt Scrub Equipment

Measuring Scrub Base

Scrub Base and Salt

Chopped Pecans

Adding Pecans

Adding Fragrance Oil

Adding Color

Color Added

Salt Scrub in Container


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9 thoughts on “Farmers Market Inspired Products – Cherry Pecan Granola

  • Whitney

    This scrub looks great, I wouldn’t have considered using pecans in a scrub, but now I may have to try it. My favourite things at the farmer’s market this time of year are the tomatoes and peaches. They’re super fresh and I can’t manage to grow either one myself.

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  • Wren

    Am I reading this correctly, that you are using pecans, not pecan shells? I have seen recipes with ground nut shells, but not one that uses the actual nuts. If you are using the ground nuts are their any preservative issues like there can be in products using fruits and vegatables? The idea of using ground nuts is an interesting one and it would be fun to experiment with different nuts to see what they bring to the recipe.

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    • Tonya Post author

      There is not a need for a preservative unless the nuts you are using have water in them. So chop them up and see how you like them in your scrubs.

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  • Emily J Martin

    I can’t wait to make this recipe;) I have all the ingredients, YIPEE

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  • LuAnn

    Hmmmm, I may have to try to make that granola, that sounds really good! I wouldn’t have thought to use ground pecans either, but it would be fun to try! Maybe with some Tamanu oil, since I think it smells like pecans anyway! Yummy!

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